Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out Of Africa: Obama's African Brothers Show Their Humanity, or Lack of It

H/T Mr Chuck, whose quest for truth never ends. Original article here.

Advanced Warning: This video is brutal and not for those with a weak constitution.

Obama's black ancestry and history is not of the slaves of this country, but of Africans in Africa. While some of the people in this video are descendants of slaves, this is a purely African phenomena. Blacks in our country never went down this road, and it is my supposition that our culture has had something to do with this. So much for the superiority of our Roots.

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Chuck said...

It's not a racial thing. It's a primitivism thing. American Indians were also a bunch of sadistic cannibals as were the Mayans, Aztecs, etc.. Same goes for Somoans and just about every other gang of primitive humans on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Where is the video? I tried it at your site and the provided link, using both Opera and Mozilla.

The Right Guy said...

The video works fine for me, but I use OS X 10.6.2 with either Google Chrome or Safari. The embedded video should just show up on this page.

Chuck said...

"Obama's history and ancestry is not based on an American experience, but an African one. "

I disagree with that.

First off, Brakabama is about as African as I am. The fact that he got trucked around by his crazy-ass mother as a toddler doesn't change the fact that he is a regular old, dyed in the wool, red diaper baby, leftist piece of shit. His being sorta brown colored isn't a significant component of his cultural or ideological makeup other than he chose to be a "real" black guy by expressing contempt for the people who actually raised his worthless little ass (the white bank executives who were his grandparents)

Secondly, race is perfectly irrelevant to the broader point, as is geography.

That said, I think I understand what you're saying when it comes to evil, but I think it goes right back to primitivism. If one has no understanding of virtue, how could one commit any transgression? What is evil if everything is permissible?

Civilization is a moral burden, but it more than pays for itself. It's a pity we have so many people enamored of it's absence these days. Primitive people (like the mythical smurfs in Avatar) live horrible, unhappy, brutal desperate lives...and then they die.


p.s. Please forgive my little bitch, but I find auto-play stuff on websites infuriating. I was in the middle of a great movement in a Bach flute concerto when I clicked on your site only to be spat on by the blog talk lady.
Just sayin'. hehe

The Right Guy said...

Chuck:I fixed it.

William: Do you have flash installed? The latest?

Chuck said...

Every cultural thing about the people from whence you sprang leaves an imprint, but there is a catch. You had to at least know those people for said imprint to be left. Otherwise the only link is genetic.
Although genetic predisposition has more to do with human behavior than many would like to admit,tradition (i.e. civilization) is a much greater moral influence than genetics.

Chuck said...

"He doesn't identify himself as white at all or even part white, but does identify himself as black. This was and is a choice he has made and continues to do so."

With all due respect, dude, that's a bit coarse.

He identifies himself as black because that is how the world has identified him since his birth. Hell, he bears almost no resemblance to the people who raised him.

I'm sure he noticed that before he could talk.

The genetic thing is powerful, but if you were to blame the personna of Brakabama on his genetic makeup, what qualities would you attribute to which side of his family?? Why?

p.s. I love you too, brother. :)

The Right Guy said...

Like I said, no more non-sequiturs or post hoc ero propter hoc bs. I am normally better than that. I have to say I have been bored to death. Nothing ever changes.

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