Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Fallout of the Wisconsin Recall Elections

Our first guest from 7:00-7:30PM will be Charles Franklin, political science professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison to discuss the results of the recall elections.

Other guests TBA

Host Andre Traversa

Co-host Jim Lagnese

Showtime 7:00 PM CST

Call in at 949-203-4821 or stream here.

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Charlie said...

Hey there RG!

Thought you might get something out of this article. I posted it to Eric but as usual he doesn't get it. Apparently any conversation beyond the rioters and their ethnic/cultural backgrounds is anathema to his thesis so it's not work talking about.

Britain Blames Social Media For Class Riots, Looks to Censorship

Charlie Jackson, Yours for pissing in the wind.

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