Monday, August 01, 2011

Islamic Inventions

This is priceless:


Eric Dondero said...

Oh, Right Guy. Now you know this is a very politically incorrect video. How dare you run this.

I'm gonna call the local PC police there in Des Moines, and turn your ass in.

The Right Guy said...

This one was for Chuck. We always talk about the fantasy of the palestinian.

Gary said...

Right Guy,

Did this hayseed graduate 9th grade? Give me his address and I can send him something call a BOOK.

1) He says Palestine did not exist.

I am lookin right now at a map of the provinces of the Roman Empire in 63 A.D. Here are some of the eastern Roman provinces.

--- Arabia Petraea
--- Cilicia
--- Syria
--- Cappadocia
--- Palestinia

2) He says the Arabs were trying to steal Jewish land.

Not true. Jews had been living side by side with the Arabs in the area for thousands of years. The Jews had a lot more trouble with anti-semitic Christian rulers than Moslems.

The great Jewish-Arab conflict began with the British conquest of the Moslem Ottoman Empire.

Through war and the killing of tens of thousands of Moslems the British took over land that did not belong to them, set up British colonies, and allowed the immigration of thousands of Europeans into Palestine.

Imagine your family has been ranching in Texas since 1850 and a foreign power comes in and allows the "original inhabitants" of Texas to immigrate and re-claim their lost lands. How would you feel?

I am not taking sides in the Middle East. I am just stating facts that Westerners refused to admit. But those facts are the reason for conflict.

Chuck said...

"I am not taking sides in the Middle East."

Of course you are. You have chosen to side with a lie against the truth.

By the way, you stupid fuck, what was "started" by the Ottoman Empire?

The land in Israel was bought and paid for by Zionists starting in the mid 1800s. Nothing was taken from anyone. Territorial lines on political maps and land ownership are two different things. Gary isn't very bright. He reads some fucking Time-Life book on whatever and then declares himself an expert.

The Roman province of Palestina was arbitrarily named after Israels ancient enemy the Philistines. The fucking Arabs who arbitrarily choose to call themselves "Palestinians" are no different than any other fucking Arabs on earth. They have no more historical ties to Israel proper than they do to Albania or Jordan. If people like Gary gave a fuck about these so called Palestinians they would be demanding they be let into Palestine (now known as Jordan)

I do get a kick out these assholes who talk about the “farms” and “ranches” that these so called Palestinians supposedly worked before being “displaced” by the Jewish interloper. It’s like waxing poetic about the glory days of Atlantis before the dirty Jew ruined it. Hell, Mark Twain talked about what a let down the “Holy Land” was after visiting there in the late 19th century. It was a wasteland. No one lived there because there was nothing there to live on. It wasn’t until Jews started buying land and improving it that Arabs from the surrounding countries began coming there. The Jews drew the Arabs there. They didn’t expel any.

Instead of "gary"'s inept analogy, let us use an accurate one. Imagine Mexico declares war on Texas and all the Mexicans living in Texas flee to Mexico in hope of coming back after the Mexicans destroy their "ancetral homeland" to get themselves some free shit and be free from having to put up with all those dirty Anglos that will have been efficiently murdered. And then the Mexicans got their asses kicked and the traitors lost whatever claim they ever had to a square fucking inch of land in Texas. And then the Mexicans named them Mexistinians and refused to allow them to stay in Mexico.

Chuck said...

And another thing. The so called "West Bank" is Israel and has been for 4000 years. It's historic name is Judea and Samaria.

Israel belongs to Israelis not to the Nazis who live to kill Israelis. Israel is about as "occupied" by Jews as Mexico is "occupied" by Aztecs.

And the beat goes on. Hating Jews never seems to go out of style.

The Right Guy said...


And where did the bulk of the jews go if they came back? The diaspora started with the romans in 70 ad and was finished by the muslims. Further, I find that jews that lived as dhimmi hardly a good thing. Sure they were peaceful as they were under muslim rule as second class citizens. I will also add that if you were to draw an analogy to the american indians, the jews would have a rightful claim before any "arab".

The next thing we'll hear is that yeshua was an arab and a palestinian. I am surprised Yasir Arafat didn't try that one. That and claim he was a descendant.

As far as christians being anti-semitic, I can't argue with that as some were and are. I find it odd that a christian would be anti-semitic as jesus was a jew. It's the height of ignorance.

The Right Guy said...

Mexistinians. I like that.

The Right Guy said...


If the guy is a poor candidate for that video, I nominate chuck to redo it. I would be better.

The Right Guy said...


And the proof of the jews improving things can be demonstrated with gaza. When they left, the low lives that took it over ran it into the ground. There were jews there that farmed and owned businesses, but had to give it up. You can see the same shit in Africa. Look at Rhodesia, I mean Zimbabwe. As bad as some think Ian Smith was, what they have had since has been a farce.

It seems to me in our time, the victor, the one that makes shit happen no longer writes the history because we have become a culture of victims that celebrates and upholds victimization as a virtue. With them, everyone but white males are victims. It's progressive claptrap that flies the face of reality and serves no other purpose than to keep people as losers.

Chuck said...

All that "rightful claim" bullshit misses the mark. That is an ethnic, tribal thing. The reality is that Israel was sold to Zionists piece by piece for over a hundred years by absentee landowners because the Jews were willing to pay more than it was worth to it's owners. When the dirty Jew made the desert bloom, the Arab Huns came running.

A "real libertarian" should be able to relate to such truth.

BTW: The Ottoman Empire was the legacy of Attila the Hun and the pedophile prophet Muhammed.

Chuck said...

Why does no one bristle at the mention of such a thing as a "Muslim" nation while being repulsed by the idea of a Jewish one?

What makes one more legitimate than the other?

Do Muslims have a natural right to a Muslim Nation or an Arab Nation? Why? What about all of the people who aren't Muslims or Arabs?

What about Lebanon? Why do none of these self-righteous assholes decry the rape of Lebanon by Muslim Huns?

Why does do one ask such questions?

Because they've been trained. Like circus poodles jumping through hoops held by clowns.
Itty. Bitty. Hoops.

And satisfied by it.

Chuck said...

"And the proof of the jews improving things can be demonstrated with gaza."

Yeah, but Gaza is a paradise compared to Syria...and it grates.

Were it not for oil, the Muslim Arab would be living in tents and tending herds of camels, goats and women.(in that order)

The Rhodesia analogy isn't quite apt. That was actual colonialism like what went on in the Americas way back when but after sensibilities had changed. Nothing like that happened in Israel.

That said, I have no truck with these assholes who say the worst thing that happened to Africa was colonialism. Hell, the only semblance of civilization on the whole fucking continent is owed to colonialism. It's like saying toilet paper ruined the storied, majestic tradition of the shit-stained hand.

The Right Guy said...


Chuck said...

"I find it odd that a christian would be anti-semitic as jesus was a jew. It's the height of ignorance"

That's a conflation of terms. Arabs are Semites just like Jews and Samaritans. All are sons of Shem.(The origin of the term)

Being anti-Jew is a religious/cultural thing, not a racial one. It's ideological.

That said, I know the term is only applied to Jew-haters, but it's a poorly conceived term. I actually think it was coined in Nazi Germany.

The Right Guy said...

OK. Let me rephrase. There's been a lot of anti-judaism from christians throughout history. I find it ironic.

Chuck said...

Ironic maybe. There is certainly more of that in the Catholic tradition than in what now is called protestantism. I'm a Lutheran. Luther was a Catholic who advocated the burning of Synagogs and the children of Jews forcibly converted that they might avoid eternal torment...but other than that he was a pretty cool guy. hehe

I wasn't setting out to prove you wrong. I was just leaning on something you wrote to help me make a point.

The divide isn't racial. Most Westerners think it is, but it isn't. It's moral. The reason a bunch of Muslims don't want to play soccer with a bunch of Jews is because they consider it beneath them and could never stomach the idea of being beaten by the "unrighteous". In their minds it would be akin to a team of nuns (the Muslims) opposing a team of porn stars(the decadent Jews).

It's thicker than blood.

The Right Guy said...

Evangelical protestants have recently been very much the suporters of Israel. Rome has it's own history to deal with. I still find it ironic.

Chuck said...

I've never quite understood what "evangelical" was supposed to mean.

What other kind of Christian is there? Is there an "Official Hide It Under a Bush" sect of Christianity?


I think it's a political term. Not a religious one. It's code for "Real Believer". The fact that so-called Evangelicals support the survival of Israel or oppose the unfettered killing of unborn children has little to do with religious doctrine. Its simply a matter of giving a shit in the obvious fight between right and wrong.

The people that get labeled evangelicals are also less likely to run red lights or cheat on their taxes. Those aren't religious doctrines, though.

Certain people are attracted to the Church and the Church helps them become who they would like to be. I blame the Holy Spirit. He just won't leave us alone.


Gary said...

Read the history of the Crusades.

The first thing the Christians did before even leaving home for the Middle East was to slaughter the local Jews.

You guys claim to be libertarian leaning and favor human rights. But you treat Arabs as sub-humans who do not have the right to life, liberty and property.

If you have anything like an open mind check out the web-site below. It is from a CHRISTIAN ARAB trying to save the 100 year old family farm from being stolen by Israel for Jewish housing.

But I know you will not look. Arabs are not human. Even Christian Arabs are not human.

Since they are not human they have no rights to property. Only Jews have the right to property.

Chuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chuck said...

"You guys claim to be libertarian leaning and favor human rights. But you treat Arabs as sub-humans who do not have the right to life, liberty and property."

And your case is so weak you're forced to resort to hyperbole and outright lies in order to make it seem credible. I could give a shit about some anecdote you spent 20 seconds Googling, Gary.

The history is known. The history is what it is. You can correct any factual errors in anything I've written and I will be in your debt. Until then, fuck off.

BTW: The Crusades? Really? Geez, dude, buck up and wipe off the milk mustache. Be a man. Being a spoiled brat douche doesn't gain you anything. All it does is make you look like an asshole.

I really tire of this one dimensional bullshit you people rely on. I don't have to think the history of the Middle-East is a story of angels versus demons in order to form an opinion of who is the moral actor today. Perfection is not a requirement in my book. No one is perfect, and no one's transgressions should be blotted out. Let us weigh all of it equally and see who comes out at the bottom of the grievance ledger with a better case. The higher ethical sum, if you will.

I side with the Jew because he is head and shoulders above everyone else in the region and his footprint in terms of land is tiny while his contribution to the health and wealth of this world is unequaled...and unheralded.

Middle-Eastern Arabs produce bombs, children and manure.(in that order) Even the oil they live atop is produced by outsiders. Would you buy a car made in Gaza or Egypt? The question itself is a "screw in a light bulb" joke. Why? Because the dirty Jew robbed the noble stewards of Islam of their inherent ability to create? Really? Maybe the Crusades infested them with a sit on ass and bitch bug maybe? Like a 24 trillion hour virus?

Have some self respect, Gary. Cut this shit out...for your own sake.

Chuck said...

Charles Manson and Ted Bundy are Human.

Sing their praises, you self worshiping asshole.

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