Monday, August 15, 2011

Police Do Nothing When Flash Mob Robs Store

Of course if a flash mob member tried to video tape or take a picture of the cops, they would have acted, but since it is only the act of stealing, they cops thought they should be allowed to walk away. Where is a Texas Ranger when you need one? It seems to protect and serve means only themselves.

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Gary said...

I remember first reading about "flash mobs" in a 40 year old or so Sci-Fi book.

In that story people teleported all over from phone booth to phone booth. Flash mobs would teleport in, rape and loot, then more on before the cops got there.

Now Sci-Fi is becoming fact execpt that phone booths are extinct.

Personally I am still pissed off that I don't have my flying car that the Jetsons promised us.

Chuck said...

You're really asking the police to engage in obstruction of social justice? That's a societal felony...or something.

The Right Guy said...

It would be better if the workers in the 7-11 showed the would be shoppers some inter-social sexual intercourse since the cops won't do it. May be tasers don't work on everyone.

Chuck said...

When you've been trained from birth to be either a victim or a predator, you play either part with gusto.

Norms are a condition of sanity regardless of what those norms happen to be. Think Sparta.

Insanity can be normative if it's encouraged. Think Albania.

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