Saturday, August 06, 2011

Payback is a Bitch

It was bad enough this morning when I read about 31 american soldiers that were killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, but then to find out most were SEAL team members and many of the SEAL team that killed OBL, that was unbelievable. My first first though was revenge. My second was, who sold them out. I think that the answer lies in who announced the crash. That would be Hamid Karzai.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai announced the number of people killed in the crash and the presence of special operations troops before any other public figure. He also offered his condolences to the American and Afghan troops killed in the crash.

I don't think the Taliban just got lucky. Payback is a bitch. Not only were the majority SEALs from team 6, but it was the biggest kill against American troops in Afghanistan extant. This was a huge propaganda win for the Taliban, that is for sure. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Where is Obama now? He was the big cheese in chief when they capped that miserable bastard. He's probably off playing golf or eating a heart attack burger somewhere. There's no political gain in this for him.

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Chuck said...

Brakabama probably negotiated this prior to the mission against bin Laden.

"Give me something, I'll give you something back."

I wouldn't put it past his worthless ass.

The Right Guy said...

That's pretty brash and forward. :) Lots of things happen more subtly. In his mind, a progressive one, is that a sense of justice is met out through intervention and manipulation by governmental powers. You'll see this in affirmative action, and even the way he deals with middle east issues, IE Israel. It's a contrarian view. So, he used the discovery of OBL to his political advantage, while in his heart, he roots for the muslims. All sorts of bad things can come out of that, especially when you consider he's top dog and has enough yes men that want to please their master. He might not even know for sure. Sometimes things happen from a suggestion or thinking aloud. Follow?

If anything, you have to wonder how the Taliban could have info to shoot THAT chopper down. Start backing up through Afghani's and you have to come to someone in the Karzai regime. Where would they get the info? I don't mean to be a conspiratorialist, but it's kind of interesting who got whacked. I don't think it was a mistake or just chance. This was planned.

The Right Guy said...

In all seriousness though, can you say the word Tet? Or in today's context, it's Ramadan. It's going down the shitter rather quickly. Applying occam's razor, it is what it is and Obama is just an incompetent boob.

Gary said...

Afghanistan is not worth the life of one soldier in our army.

AGAIN: I don't give a crap about establishing "security" in Kandahar Province.

Bring our troops home to seal our own borders. Try protecting our own people in San Diego, Yuma or Dallas from the millions of invaders just walking into this nation at will.

If an army cannot defend the borders of its own nation then why does it even exist?

The Right Guy said...

WOW Gary, we totally agree. Zie mir gezunt meine freund.

Gary said...

But bringing the army home will not protect us when we are leagally IMPORTING a 5th column of hundreds of thousands of Moslems.

The Right Guy said...

That's debatable. At least we'd have people that know how to deal with them and know what they are about.

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