Monday, August 08, 2011

This One is for Gary


Gary said...

Wow! Thanks. I have not seen that one for years.

I first saw George in concert back in the 1970s. His total lack of respect for anyone infected me to this day. Indeed everyone is full of shit.

The day George died a huge part of me died too.

The Right Guy said...

I am a big George Carlin fan. The guy was a genius, but a pissed off one. When I moved to Iowa in 2002, there was an GC HBO special and it made me feel at home as I was away from home, he was a NYer and I related. He said if you scratch the surface of any cynic you'd find a disappointed idealist. Amen. Rest well George, we miss ya already and Gary, that bit just reminded me of you and I haven't even met you.

Gary said...

Right Guy, again thanks.

Re-watch Carlin's rant on voting.

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