Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Moment of Silence

Wednesday will be a day of silence as we mourn the death of the republican party and it's principles. Socialism's star is on the rise and it's time to take stock and consider what is next. Thanks for everyone's support during this election cycle and continue to check in, as I hope to start anew in the coming days and weeks. 

Thank you for reading this blog. 

PS, You have to feel a little sorry for McCain: His country has let him down twice. 


RhondaLue said...

It's really too bad. I'm quite disappointed that the American people as a whole were swayed with a bunch of smoothtalk with nothing to back it up combined with a dissatisfaction with the current administration.

It's more frightening now than it was with Bill Clinton (who accomplished little to nothing of what he promised his followers) because of the democratic congress.

Mighty frightening indeed. If people want socialism,have they not looked at Venezuela? ugh

The Right Guy said...

After a time ...
they may find that having ...
is not so pleasing a thing after all ...
as wanting.

The Right Guy said...

Rhonda Lue:
With a democrat majority and a socialist in the white house, people may find they'll get more socialism than they bargained for. Who will pay for it? With the economic downturn and the social programs that will follow, everyone's net tax effect will be that of an increase. The GOP having picked McCain cemented the results. I have written about this before but it reminds me of 1996 and Bob Dole. Primogeniture has no place in politics. so what are we going to do? Leave, secede? Fight? Grab our ankles? Lay down and die? (it depends on what happens) To me, the saddest thing is it proves to me that our society is a co-dependent/addictive one. No one wants to be responsible for themselves and looks for solutions to their problems from the government. People have become so feckless as to believe that everything in their lives have an external locus of control. We have become a society of victims. On the plus side, all the racial arsonists and extortionists will have nothing to sell now. May be an Obama presidency will put civil rights insurance salesmen like Jesse Jackson out of business. Like i said, this will turn out differently than most Obama supporters believe, and much to their chagrin.

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