Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Current State of Things: At the crossroads

Right now we stand at a crossroads. We've elected our president, albeit the first black president in our history. It is not because he is black, but rather the perception of his values, political and social beliefs that have given cue to other leaders in the world to advance their positions that may be counter to our positions and benefit. 

Our enemies and competitors see this as an opportunity to test Obama and promulgate their agenda. Look at China and Russia who are making alliances with despots in our own hemisphere. These alliances are being formed to undermine America's position in the world. When you see and read about how happy foreign leaders are that Obama is elected and how good it is that America can restore it's image, I have to ask, what is their real perception of our president? 

Obama has stated as much that he wants to improve our image. A little of this is good, most of it seems politically motivated as if we need the approval of other nations to exist. The problem with politicians is that they are too concerned with what others think of them, and they wish to have everyone like them. This is faulty thinking that will get an executive in trouble quickly. Congressmen and senators are particularly at fault here as they do not have to make decisions for a country, organization, or state. Their positions involves wheeling, dealing and behind the scenes arm twisting and glad handing. While presidents can be involved in this, ultimately, they make or execute decisions they are responsible for that will make someone unhappy.

So if Hamas, Iran, Russia and China seem happy that Obama is elected and look forward to dealing with him, I have to say I look at it with a bit of skepticism. Even Chavez and Castro seem to be ebullient at his winning the election. I have to be suspicious when traditional enemies are happy with certain electoral results. They obviously see it as a weakness they can exploit. 

As someone that did not support Obama in the election, one might say I want him to fail, particularly in regards to this. I would tell them absolutely not. This mentality has been the mantra of the democrat party for the last six plus years. They have shown that they would want us to lose the war in Iraq in order to gain political advantage. They are hardly the loyal opposition and as far as I am concerned, frauds because of it, and un-American. To that extent, where I believe America's interests in the world should be protected, and promoted, I will be behind a President Obama. If I disagree with him or his policies, there will be no mistaking it, but I will not cheer a position on that is against the United States which would cause us to lose in some way. 

So which way do we go? My hope is that Obama, seeing the same challenges President Bush did, will stay the course where things are working and not try to reinvent the wheel. Where new territory is crossed, particularly with those that want to see us fail, and/or be less than number one, I hope President Obama make the right choices that keep us safe, secure, and still number one. I hope he does not take on the role of Neville Chamberlain or a Jimmy Carter, who are both losers in my opinion. It would be a nice feeling if everybody likes you, but it's naive and unattainable. I hope Obama follows Bill Cosby's advice in life: "I don't know how to succeed, but I do know how to fail; by trying to please everyone". Amen Bill, Amen, and whatever happens next, this will set the tone for the next 100 years. I hope Obama leads well, and makes the right decisions, rather than trying to make decisions right. 

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