Friday, November 14, 2008


It's been a long time since I had Idiot of the Week, and I had nominated Gordon Brown last week for his stunning proposal of a global society. He is of course, an idiot. Now on to another idiot, or should I say idiots. Mexico City is giving out Viagra to men over 70 years of age in an effort to improve quality of life? Really? Who are these men going to enjoy their better quality of life with? Most women lose interest at that advanced age, and giving a 70+ year old man Viagra is like putting a supercharger on a high mileage engine with low oil pressure. Something's going to blow and it's not the hooker going down on the old man! May be they want to lower their healthcare costs by promulgating heart attacks or may be they like Hombres Verdes running around saying estoy falto! I'll pass on that visual. 

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