Thursday, November 27, 2008

Russia to Help Venezuela with Nuclear Energy: Another oil rich country needs nuclear power?

Yet another oil rich country need to develop nuclear energy? It would seem that Russia has a penchant for helping theocratic and federal republics that are ruled by petty dictators attain nuclear materials for the purpose other than nuclear energy. Make no mistake, Chavez wants to be the first big bang power in South America. I believe he will be making some rather stark moves in the next couple years to not only establish Venezuela as the military power in South America, but also form alliances to undermine the United States and with Russia and China's help. The cold war never ended, the Russians just took a nap. Now that they understand that having the energy resources to leverage their power outside their borders, they will use it. Central planning did no good as they had no real power outside their borders. Now they do and the game is on. I envision a future where the US will form a North American Union, with Mexico first, to create a larger economic (through energy) power base, and Canada will Follow. Russia and China will continue to form alliances with Central and South American countries to form an anti-american base.  If Brazil or Chile are co-opted, then this will be something to have more than a passing curiosity. It's going to be interesting in the next 20 years. 

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