Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cash For Clunkers: Just another example of Obama's materialism

The picture at left is a shot a volvo going through its convulsions after having sodium silicate added to its oil. This is the process that dealers use when they take in cars for cash. The sodium silicate causes the engine to seize. They have to destroy the engine before it is crushed, so nothing will be useful from it.

This should stand as a microcosm of Obama's policies. Take cars out of service, that may have nothing wrong with them other than they have an owner that can be bribed into buying a car they may not be otherwise able to afford, and in the process get more into debt, which caused our current situation to begin with. Even cars today can be rebuilt, and the cost to do so would be far less than buying any new car.

Of course, the sole purpose of this exercise was one, to get cars off the road that don't get the gas mileage The One would like, two, get people to spend money, even if it is not their own or if they can afford to, and three, to push a green agenda that has no basis in economics. People will buys cars when they can and they will buy cars they want to buy. Using our money as a market force, which in the end will do us no good, is feckless and misguided. It also gives the false impression that something positive is being done.

My point here is that to the Dems and The One, the ends justify the means, even if the ends are ineffective at best. Such thinking extends to the administration's current policy on healthcare and cap and tax. If he is willing to destroy perfectly good cars and cars that can be remediated for less than the cost of a new one, how will he, and the government manage a healthcare system, especially when costs become onerous? Your life will be worth no more than the car they put in the sodium silicate. Obama et al only know the stick when it comes to enforcing their policies and their arrogance at knowing what is best for the rest of us is not only unlimited, but only applies to us. Do you think Obama will trade his gas guzzling limo for something more fuel efficient? No more than he or his demosocialist friends will take the same government healthcare that the rest of us will be forced to take. It's just another example of progressive socialist arrogance, and utter insouciance to what people want, which is liberty, at least in this country.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that someone would turn their Volvo in; prior to the popularity of Toyota's Prius, Volvo was the car of choice among "progressives" here in Oregon. Hell, I even owned one... most overrated vehicle I ever owned.

The Right Guy said...

I never liked working on them, as they are designed and built as if nothing will ever go wrong with them. I am sure BO would like you to turn in your cadillac. But like I said, economically, it's cheaper to keep her. The hypocrisy here is that what they think is being green is actually quite wasteful They are recycling the vehicle for it's metal content only. It would be worth much more in parts, but they want to get such vehicles off the road because of an agenda. I will agree that new cars run cleaner, but they aren't necessarily better on gas. The bottom line is that it gets people to spend money and it makes the greenies happy. A pure magical act. I wonder if Obama will try to sell his cash for clunkers at the Mecum Auction? :)

Just a conservative girl said...

That car looks like it can't more than a year or two old.

It is a real shame that car didn't go to a charity at the very least.

Charities are really hurting because of this program. So much for them helping the poor and downtrodden.

The Right Guy said...

It's probably older than that, but it sure looks like it is in good shape. A shame really. A casualty of the green terrorism.

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