Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's Next?

What's next? What will Obama do since according to John Batchelor, he's lost the political narrative? While John believes this is about who controls the fairy tale, I like to deal in reality. I do agree that Obama has lost the information battle at this point as people have responded the opposite of what he expected. How did this happen?

One, Obama mistaken believes that because he is the first black man elected president and that the democrats won a clear majority in both houses that somehow this was a mandate to implement his progressivist socialist-fascist agenda. He was wrong.

It was a rebuke of 8 years of Bush, the war on terror and tiring of the same old shit. Bush failed to lead the country, particularly after the 2004 elections. It was a series of blunders, some of which were rolled up in the Iraq War, some were with his domestic policies that reeked of constituency pandering and showed his true nature as not being a conservative or libertarian and his overall inability to sell sell cheap water to an arab in the desert. I think some of this blame goes to Karl Rove as the win at any cost in 2004 led us down the wrong road and ultimately, created a power and leadership vacuum that allowed Obama to waltz in the white house.

Running up to the election, we ran into a fiscal crisis where it was decided that some companies were too big to fail. Enter the age of Atlas Shrugged. Citizens watched as the TARP bill was passed, and later after the elections, the ARRA was passed, both with majority opposition from the populace. Politicians ignored the cries of the citizenry against these bills, but to no avail. His Arrogance, King Barack "George III" Obama, believed that not only did he control the narrative, the the help of the 4th branch of government, but that his mandate to institute socialism in this country was fait accompli. What he didn't count on was that the people had had enough.

Like FDR before him, Obama wants to transform American into some sort of quasi-socialist democracy by cultivating and promulgating constituencies that will be beholding to his power to create programs that benefit them. In the end, it's all about him. Like FDR, he craves the power, limelight and adoration and will do anything to keep power. What he didn't count on was that people are more anti-socialist than he bargained for because we've had 60-70 years to see the failures of FDR and also LBJ, not to mention all of Europe. We don't want that.

So what now? It is my assertion that Obama and his minions will try to create or create a situation that will both marginalize the liberty movement and rally people around him. It may be a manufactured Pearl Harbor, or Oklahoma City bombing, or may be something else, but whatever it is, he will try to use it to assert his agenda, control the narrative as it were, and carry out his transformation of this country into a socialist country. While Obama is a coward that does not like to confront his adversaries, he likes to be right, even if the evidence proves otherwise. It's a matter of ego for him, and he won't take this laying down, as in his mind he has a mandate.

My prediction is that in the next 12 months, he will try something, as if he and the dems continue to lose the narrative, they are out in 2010 and probably in 2012. That just won't do, at least for him. And if he does do something, it could backfire like the Boston Massacre and cause the people to rally in opposition to the throne. Where were you?

Inspiration from Michael Savage.

Thank you for reading this blog.


The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for following my rantings.

The Right Guy said...

Anytime. Welcome.

Jason said...

This is a great site that you have here. I have a debate site myself and I would like to exchange links with you. We need to stick together. Let me know. Jason

blackandgoldfan said...

Hey RG!!!

Just to let you know that bint is back at LR, and her hatred of me hasn't lessened one bit!!!

Thanks for following my site. I'll put you on my blogroll, if it's ok with you! :-D

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great post and I hope that you are wrong, (your point on Obama staging an event for ultimate power). Clinton did it with the Oklahoma City bombing; he took advantage of American's fears and ran with it. I pray that the liberty movement underway doesn't get sideswiped by something similiar. BTW, thanks for reading LCR!

The Right Guy said...

I would like to be wrong too, and some may feel I was being heavy handed and/or paranoid, but history has shown that people like Obama will go to great lengths to keep their power. What makes him a little different than lets say FDR, is that he has a crusader side to him. May be it's his wife poking him in the back, But crusaders can be dangerous because they don't see the forest for the trees. On the other hand he has a stronger component of chicago gangster than most believe.

The bottom line is that he wants to transform the country into something that our founding fathers wouldn't recognize or approve of and to be honest, as much as he is a marxist, he isn't one for the right reasons. I would assert that the drive behind his philosophy is bitterness and despisement of this country. It's not that he wants to change it to make it better, but he wants to change it because he hates it. He must. Why would anyone throw the baby out with the bath water? It's not out of love I tell you that. The thing is he's learned to cover it with that jackass smile, and pure salesmen BS rap, that not many see it. May be I am wrong, and I welcome any comments that would enlighten.

The Right Guy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I really hope Bint was OK. She has had cancer and it's not a good one either. I'll have to drop by and see what form she is in.

The Right Guy said...

Oh yeah, I would be honored to be on your blog roll.

The Right Guy said...

Jason, sure we could exchange links. I'll stop by your site and take a look. Thanks for stopping by.

Left Coast Rebel said...

RG - I understand your argument and honestly I see what you mean on Obama's bitterness and hatred for our country, I really do. I think that this in many ways explains what we are seeing on a daily basis.

I guess the question that remains, the burning thought is, can we stop him and his cronies? Can we as activists and voices of dissent derail this socialism?

The Right Guy said...

Yes but...Remember that during the revolutionary war, something like one third supported independence, one third supported the king, and one third either wasn't sure or was waiting to see how it turned out.

This mush in the middle has always been around. THe 4th branch of government and those in power try to manipulate them. Keep this in mind...

Yes we can, to re-coin a phrase, but it's going to take some heavy lifting, resiliency, and focus. We can't let up, but we can't get distracted into non-sense like the birther BS. Focus on freedom and stop his every attempt to make us like farm animals, feckless, dependent and just useful tools for the new oligarchy.

John Batchelor may say we need to control the narrative, but I'd rather look at we need to remind people of who we are.

blackandgoldfan said...

RG: I will only engage bint in niceties. While I empathize with her illness, I've let any past disputes be put to bed, yet the personal slurs started. I refuse to engage in it. If you notice, I was very kind.

Added to my blogroll!!! :-D

The Right Guy said...

You were nice and I hope Bint reciprocates. It'll only get worse though if Chuck strolls along. Bint is known as an Erist.

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