Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Debbie Stabenow: Lowering the bar

The bar for requirements for senators has officially been lowered. Debbie Stabenow is one of the dumbest politicians I have heard in awhile. Dumber than even Chuck Grassley. Not only does the Senator from Michigan enthusiastically support Cap and Tax legislation, which would gut what is left of Detroit, but she knows global warming is a serious issue because of the storms she feels when she is flying. "They are more volatile". "We are paying the price with more tornadoes and hurricanes"...Ms. Stabenow, Michigan and much of the country has had the couldest July on record. Not only that, how many hurricanes have hit the US this year? Stunad. Where do they find these assholes?

Obviously the requirement for being a US Senator have dropped precipitously in the last few years (As has for the president). At this point, I'd be over-qualified, but I am sure I could do better than this maroon.

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