Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grassley Doesn't Get It.

Chuck doesn't get it. We don't want it. The government can hardly do anything right, and we want to entrust them with healthcare? Yet he still says he's going to fight for the bill. Fight for what? Less bad? So basically Chuck is giving us a reach around while we are getting stuck in the bum. Chuck suffers from a common disease that politicians get. It's called do something at any cost disease. You see, politicians want to show their constituents that they are doing something, even if it is wrong, farcockt, unethical or even feckless. It's like they can't help themselves. May be it's arrogance. May be it's just part of the narcissistic personalities that most politicians have. Who knows. But if he tries to tout that he did something during all this and brought some kind of bacon home or saved us from Obamacare, I have something to tell him. I do know that come 2010, you Chuck will find out you are out of a job. Good riddance. By the way, I know the chick in the right in the photo. Good for Cindy for being there.

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blackandgoldfan said...

There's nothing left to fight for if the BDDs follow through in voting against this. If they don't have the public option, it's over.

The Right Guy said...

It's over only when we don't have this bill.

blackandgoldfan said...

Point well made, RG. :-)

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