Friday, August 14, 2009

Uncle Ted Leads The Way

Ted Nugent doing what he does best: Stating the case plainly, directly and without apology. I could definitely hang with this guy. Three cheers for liberty.

Thank you for reading this blog.


blackandgoldfan said...

How can anyone NOT love the Madman? He's got more common sense than all of the left combined. And you're right...the way he unapologetically speaks the truth is frickin' awesome!

Bungalow Bill said...

I would love to hang out at his campfire. I just admire his love of freedom and how clearly he puts it. I gave his book to my mom, and she is a fan now.

Ted is just inspiring!

The Right Guy said...

I bet some people are afraid of him. I am not at all, but you either love him of hate him. I am surprised he hasn't thrown his hat in the ring as some elected official, but then again, he has more influence this way. I'd vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, Ted is nothing to fear. Christ, the "Motor City Madman" is no different than the guys I grew up with, in California no less. Hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman, rocker; hell he's a regular guy, but then again, we live in an era where many men don't do the things that were common amongst men a few decades back. Funny, that today, Ted stands out, but even in "progressive" Oregon where I live, guys like Ted are still around; just have to look for them away from Portland and Eugene.

The Right Guy said...

Can you imagine the reaction of the granola crew if and when they see this video? It would be priceless. What's missing today are rights of passage. Boys don't have them anymore, at least most boys. Surfing the internet and twittering just don't cut it.

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