Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Is Dead

Well, let's get it over with. Ted is dead, oh yes, Ted is dead. The last of the Kennedy brothers died last night from the complications of brain cancer. Like I said, lets get it over with. Ted Kennedy was not a good man, not by any normal person's standard. He was drunkard, a philanderer, a murderer, a cheat, a liar and the least of all of it he was a liberal piece of manure. At first thought, I might not blame him as it seems like a genetic disorder. Consider his brothers shared some of the same traits and results, as did the next generation with Michael Skakel and William Kennedy Smith. All pieces of manure, with the jackass sardonic Kennedy smile, but I digress.

No, Ted was responsible for his actions, the problem is, he never was held responsible for them, not on this earth and it was a grave injustice to him. From the time his dad bailed him out for multiple cheatings at Harvard to Chappaquiddick. It just emboldened the Kennedy genes. Having read The Last Brother by Joe McGinness, I kind of feel a little sorry for Ted. He was after all the youngest, a n'er do well in school that just didn't excel at anything. When Ted graduated from law school, it was said he wanted to move to Colorado and have his own law practice and make it by himself. Another opportunity lost to change the destiny of the Kennedy genes. I really think he resented being in that family at some point but was never able to break away. Unfortunately, he sublimated his discontent into alcoholism, womanizing, and all around bad behavior. Who can forget the waitress sandwich he had with Chris Dodd?

Anyway, by all accounts, the debt is paid in full now. Ted met his maker and whatever happened between them is done. He is now serving eternity with the punishment or reward (unlikely, but who knows? God has a fantastic sense of humor) that he received from god.
Good riddence Ted, you really were a piece of work, you could have done better with what you were given, but chose to piss it away on booze, women and felonious acts. I hope the citizens of Massachusetts get to elect someone better than you in the upcoming special election.

On a couple other notes, to add insult to injury, they are going to bury this rat bastard at Arlington. That is almost as incredulous as burying the remains of Hitler at Auschwitz. I was really hoping for a burial at sea.

Thank you for reading this blog and have a shot of scotch in memory of Der Schwimmer.

How fitting that Obamao was on Martha's Vineyard on a vacation when Ted Died. I wonder if he visited Chappaquiddick?


blackandgoldfan said...

Do you think Ted's hell will be spending eternity in a dry town? :-D

At first, I felt guilty for not feeling bad about his death because I was brought up to do so when someone passes. Then I thought...NAH! He was a real turd.

The Right Guy said...

No, not exactly. More likely a white room with no doors, windows or furniture. No alcohol and the only women would be Barbara Mikulski or may be Janet Reno, but not both. On one of the walls would be a picture of Mary Jo and the room would smell of salt air. Every day, once a day, the room will fill with water until he drowns. Everyday would be the same.

blackandgoldfan said...

Note to self: Be thankful RG isn't in charge of my punishment in the

The Right Guy said...

If you read enough Sarte, anything is possible, and my post reflects that.

Anonymous said...

"He was drunkard, a philanderer, a murderer, a cheat, a liar and the least of all of it he was a liberal piece of manure."

High praise indeed.

Seriously, we should remember his family is grieving.

The Democreeps are sincere when they try to exploit his death for political gain. That is high praise to them.

Weird, but the way is it.

The Right Guy said...

The only thing his family grieves is that he didn't leave them more money. And may be more liquor in the cabinet, although they saved on embalming expenses.

Sincere in exploitation? I guess you mean unashamed. But then again, since when are the dems ashamed of taking our money?

The biggest shame is that Ted is in Arlington. Of all the places to put a coward.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Hey RG - See if you could meander over to LCR and debate a guy on my Czar post. He sees it fit to actually defend the Obamanation/Czar situation, I want to get your take!

The Right Guy said...

Sorry I haven't responded, I can't do it from work. I'll try to email you.

conservative generation said...

Excellent blog! I saw your comments over at LCR and thought I'd stop by. Interesting take on Kennedy.

The Right Guy said...

@ CG
Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

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