Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anti-Seitism Alive and Well In Florida

Kick a Jew Day in Florida

Students at North Naples Middle School participated in "Kick a Jew Day".

District Spokesman Joe Landon said a student told the dean of students at dismissal that she was kicked because it was “kick a Jew day.”

10 students were punished by a one day in school suspension. Was that enough?

I don't think so.

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blackandgoldfan said...

Definitely not enough. Unfortunately, a lot of schools have their hands tied because of spineless parents who think discipline will hurt their child's self-esteem. What a steaming crock of dung that is!

Hall Monitor said...

This story made http://detentionslip.org ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

Ran said...

In fairness... The kids who got into this aren't all of them going to continue as bigots. Some will eventually "get it" as they mature. At this point in their lives, "They know not what they do."

Thanks RG.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Right Guy said...

I had community service in mind with an at home suspension for 3 days. May be make the kids work at a synagogue or a holocaust museum or center for a week or two for sure. A one day in school suspension is BS.

chuck said...

Suspension? How come? Don't them dirty joos deserve to be kicked cuzza what they been doin' to the Phlinstonians over in the Homeland of the Noble Arab Peacebringer/ Love-Giver/Innovator/Soothsayer and all around salt of the earth?

Were it not for the evil of the soulless joo, the Minnow wouldn't be lost.

I repeat;
The Minnow wouldn't be lost.

The Right Guy said...

Well Chuck, you and I have a different perspective, as I come from jew york, as you might say. Wasn't Jesus a Jew? Not only that, a Rabbi.

chuck said...

Thats what I'm sayin'! The deck is stacked against the Noble, Peaceful Arab, Innovator, Love-spreader.

They have toiled all over the earth doing all manner of good works from beheadings to clitorectomies to child rape and that dirty joo named Jesus has jinxed them.

Muzza pleeze.

The Right Guy said...

Matthew 25.

The Right Guy said...

Let me clarify: Matthew 25:40, American Standard or King James.

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