Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oh No, Not Again:Update

The latest news is the somewhat less than ersatz muslim terrorist is still alive, but not well. Is it terrorism? Colonel West thinks so. Jihad? Why not? Personally, I think he had more than a bad attitude. 

When I heard the news, the first thing that went through my mind was, oh shit, the liberal media is going to have a field day with this shit because they'll blame it on a gun nut.

Of course, when things look bad, they can get worse. It turns out the guy was a psychiatrist in the Army that was getting deployed to Iraq and wasn't happy about it and disagreed with the policy of being there in the first place. Ok. A nut job none the less.

Then they disclose his name: Nidal Malik Hasan. Holy dog shit shit Batman, not again. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse. Of course the liberal media will probably try to paint the situation as a frustrated soldier that didn't get any help or some other non-sense. Earth to MSM: The loser was a muslim that killed at least 13 people, wounded over 30 people, whose only mistake was being around when Nidal went off. The sad thing is this did not have to happen. Soldiers should be allowed to carry sidearms while on base. I imagine this was not the case at Ft. Hood. If they were, the casualty toll would have been much less. Can you imagine the largest military installation in the world had to call the cops? I also think that the army has to take a second look at muslims in it's midst. This isn't the first time a 72 virgins seeker has gone off, and it may not be the last.

I bet this asshole voted for Obama.

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blackandgoldfan said...

Hey RG! You know the MSM will conveniently "forget" to mention his religion. They did when those dirtbags in Alabama killed a recruiter.

It's another sad day for Killeen and the U.S. Seems like that's all we get anymore.

The Right Guy said...

Hey BGF. Sorry I have been out of it. Since I have been back to work and busier with home stuff, I haven't been able to post blogs or reply to others.

The guy was a nut, first and foremost. I heard he converted to Islam, so I imagine he had some fervor there. All I can say is not again. If you recall, there was a fragging in Iraq by a muslim soldier. This country sure has changed. In my dad's day, american's of German and Japanese descent wanted to prove themselves as Americans and did so admirably in Europe and the Pacific. Things like this didn't happen.

Bug said...

How many will come forward to his defense and claim it isn't his fault he feels what he feels and that HE'S the victim!

It makes me sick. But you know what... I'm glad he wasn't killed because often that is the "easy out" for these terrorist. Ya... that's what he is.

Palmetto said...

"I bet this asshole voted for Obama."

Not a doubt in my mind.

chuck said...

......and the dirty, little satan-worshiping maggot was outgunned by a woman.

That's poetry.

The Right Guy said...

If you can believe it Chuck, The NYT had an article about how he was failed by the Army and it wasn't his fault because he treated soldiers with PTSD and he was overwhelmed. What total bull shit. THe guy was a muslim jihadist (is that redundant?) that went off because he didn't like where he was being sent, and he opposed our wars in countries where Islam is the vast majority religion. He could have easily resigned, and to show what an ungrateful bastard he is, the army put him through school, if I'm not mistaken, and this is his reward to them. To cap off his insanity, he yelled Allah arkbar. This had nothing to do with PTSD and everything to do with Islam. it's a shame some soldier wasn't armed and capped his miserable ass before he killed anyone.

blackandgoldfan said...

RG: Just did a little digging into this scumbag's imam. Another "peaceful Muslim."

Anonymous said...

I wish to thank you for this beautiful tribute to the fallen brave American Soldiers.
We must do whatever we can to prevent this from ever happening again.

The Right Guy said...

Thanks for the compliment and the shoutout. Someone has to do this, it might as well be me.

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