Sunday, November 08, 2009

Is Obama Even American?

After watching Obama's performance here, I have to wonder is this guy even an American? I mean, it's as if we are being led by someone that has no idea what our culture, customs, mores, and values are. It's as if he is an alien. I mean this sincerely and without pun in regards to the whole birther thing. His template for being president is such that any trace of what being American is was removed and replaced with something that does not have any national identity at all. It is as if he sees himself as a citizen of the world at best. Anyone that voted for the pretend American should be ashamed of themselves.  Oh yeah, screw doctor joe medicine crow and the stolen horse he rode in on. I wonder if he knows chief jay strongbow?

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Bungalow Bill said...

His lack of emotions makes him feel Manchurian.

The Right Guy said...

yeah... There is a disconnect there. I have to wonder if Obama feels anything, or is it just another TOTUS moment? At the very least he's a pathological narcissist.

Bug said...

gosh... I wonder if it would be appropriate for someone to give a shout-out at a funeral. Seems pretty much like the same thing to me.

chuck said...

He's a leftist...which means he loves an imaginary America and despises the real one.

Such is the patriotism of scumbag leftists. Their beloved America is "an idea" or an "experiment" or a "promise". As such it exists only in the recesses of their perverted little minds. On the other hand, the America that actually exists and has for over two hundred years is a repugnant, monstrous and outrageously evil entity to these vermin.

May they rot.

The Right Guy said...


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