Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I am thankful for

Other than the obvious and pro forma, I am thankful for:

  1. Obamacare has NOT passsed yet.
  2. Cap and Tax has not been passed yet.
  3. That someone hacked into the East Anglia University computer files that confirmed that anthropogenic global warming as a hoax (like we didn't know).
  4. That Obama is so bullheaded and narcissistic such that he'll drive his fabian socialist bus over the cliff, figuratively of course.
  5. That democrats have driven over the cliff and made a Republican comeback possible.
  6. That Obama's approval rating continues the drop
  7. That Sarah Palin's popularity continues to rise.
  8. Barack Obama's term is only four years.
  9. That liberals are wrong.
  10. That I have the best cohorts in the fight for liberty, you know who you are,  and thank you. 

Thank you for reading this blog. 


Bungalow Bill said...

You are more thankful than me. I know Obama and his administration have already figured in the projected revenue from cap and trade into their deficit projections--which means Obama's spending towards the deficit is worse than they have made it out to be. He is cooking the books so to speak, but as you know, that behavior which he criticized the last eight years is perfectly acceptable today. A perfect example is he is running off to Copenhagen on a moment's notice now. He knows this climate change controversy will reveal the truth of his deficit projections if he doesn't act quickly and sell us off to get cap and trade through.

The Right Guy said...

As I said, he hasn't done it yet...With the revelation of the East Anglia University emails, it would further put him in the hole to pursue cap and tax, and I am mean as far as approval rating and the future of his party.

Of course being the narcissist he is, he'll continue to drive over the cliff, which may have pain for us immediately in what he does, in the end he will destroy his political career.

Then again, being a true believer fabian socialist, once he does pass these various reforms, it would be a miracle from god that they ever get repealed.

May be it's what we get for electing this fabian mountebank asshole and this lesson allows for some redemption if we learn our lessons.

The question is will we? I bet many have voter regret and luckily we aren't dealing with a despot that relies on force to keep his/her position.

The Right Guy said...

And if you think the deficit is bad now, wait for ARRA II. Read Forgotten Man. He reminds me of FDR.

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