Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Template Arises:Vicarious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The latest main stream media fad is to blame the Fort Hood incident on Vicarious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not only would someone have to be weak in the mind for that to happen, one would have to be even weaker to believe it.

Hasan was by all rights a muslim fundamentalist whose beliefs contradicted what he was doing in the Army, and it came to a head when he was ordered to go to Afghanistan. His religious beliefs and identity trumped his sworn duty to this country. The honorable thing to do would be to resign.

Instead, Hasan chose to take his anger out on those around him, particularly those that were innocent, and who had nothing to do with decisions about our foreign policy. He is a coward, a liar, and a murderer. He was dishonest to himself and those around him. He is responsible for all of this, BUT Islam was the gasoline poured on this fire. In his mind, Americans were the enemy, not the Taliban.

It is high time muslims in this country and elsewhere to make the decision on where they stand, and furthermore, help us weed out these fundamental psychopaths. In WWII, Japanese, German, and Italian americans felt they had something to prove in fighting the axis powers, and they served their country well (read about the 442nd Infantry Regiment).  Such incidents like this did not exist, but then again, even the average american today does not have the patriotism and sense of national identity that my parents generation did.

If anyone is offended by the pictorial here, Tango Sierra. What I have seen of Islam in this world, the quran belongs there.

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Teresa said...

The fact that MSM is trying to paint this horrible incident as being caused by PTSD is a bunch of bullsh*t. Hasan was honoring his God, and that's proven by his own words before he started his killing spree. The Quran is a piece of trash and needs to be flushed down the toilet. Hasan needs to be called out for exactly who he is, a Muslim domestic terrorist.

The Right Guy said...

I'll correct you on one thing: Hasan thought he was honoring our god. Technically, we believe in the same god, except the muslims have a different point of view to say the least.

blackandgoldfan said...

How can Hasan be suffering from PTSD if he was never in combat? Doesn't anyone in the MSM realize just how disingenuous their correlation is?

Thank GOD Texas has the death penalty.

The Right Guy said...

Texas may have the death penalty,but the feds (army I would guess) have the first crack at him, and probably have jurisdiction. The Army can hang people, but I bet Obama will try to scuttle it.

It's called vicarious PTSD. He experienced it through others. What total BS.

blackandgoldfan said...

Would vicarious PTSD be the same as vicarious sex? That would be enjoying sex with Brad Pitt by watching an Angelina Jolie movie.

You're right. It makes no sense whatsoever.

The Right Guy said...

Not exactly. In this case the consequences would clearly be negative. It's like saying listening to led zeppelin made me a serial killer. It's total bull shit.

Eric Dondero said...

Right Guy, I may run this over at LR? Good piece.

Add some info from the stupid-ass AP article from yesterday.

The Right Guy said...

Have at it Eric. Thanks.

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