Friday, November 20, 2009

I must be doing something wrong

Like the 45RPM jacket sleeve says, I must be doing something wrong. It seems I lost a blog friend today. I guess my honest views on the healthcare bill are too much for some on the right. I may be cynical, but I'd rather be cynical, that delusional, but as crazy as it seems to me, affirming Scott Adams critique of blogs increases my site traffic. May be I can learn something here.

While I admit the deed isn't done, and Habitrail Harry Reid may not get the votes for cloture this time, it seems to me, the dems have a death wish, like a kamikaze pilot, you can shoot most of them down, but sooner or later, one is going to get through. I will reiterate this: The GOP has been at best ineffective at preventing the tide of fabianism in this country, and at worst complicit. If you don't believe me, ask Tim Daniels at LCR about The Overton Window.

Now on to something a little different...

While we are onto things done wrong, let's take a look at Sarah Palin. I love Palin and if she runs I would love to work for her in some way, BUT, someone needs to sit her down and tell her to get help...Not the kind you are thinking, but political advice. She would do well to hire Dick Morris as a consultant and help her with her brand and image. I think she has natural charisma, but it is not refined and she doesn't always think things through before she speaks. Just my opinion. I think she could be great, but she needs someone to help her. The problem may be, form what I have read, that she, like many politicians, she likes to surround herself with yes people. Giuliani is guilty of the same thing. Look at the results. Still, you have to love the Unsinkable Sarah. I wish her well no matter what she does.

And to those that think they have it bad:

Thank you for reading this blog.


Teresa said...

Sorry to hear you lost a blog friend.

I think Sarah Palin is sorta like Bush in the sense that he has a Texas twang and she's got an Alaskan accent. Maybe, that is why you see her as unrefined? Maybe Palin's answers do need to be polished a little but I still think she does a great job at answering questions.

I think the GOP over the House side have done a much better job at standing up for we people than our senators have. Unfortunately, Pelosi is just way too powerful. But, the GOP senators now need to filibuster with all their might. I don't even care if they cause complete chaos in standing up for Americans. If that can get the bill stopped, so be it.

The Right Guy said...

I don't mean unrefined in how she speaks per se, but more refined in how she responds. I am not so sure she has always thought her responses out. She shoots from the hip at times and she needs to understand both the questions better and how her answers will be taken. My guess is that if she drills with someone that challenges her and she studies any possible question that may arise, she'll get better at both interviews and extemporaneous speeches.

BTW, if you read my newest post, you'll see it's done. They got 60.

RightKlik said...

I like Palin too.

But she does need to work on the way she speaks. And not just the accent.

Ann Coulter:

"One – one person who has noticed and been quite interested in Sarah Palin, is Margaret Thatcher, who is dying to talk to Sarah Palin because interestingly, Margaret Thatcher is the daughter of a grocer. She had to teach herself to speak proper English and I think Sarah Palin will probably have to start not dropping her G's, but that is minor compared to the star appeal she has."

Palin's values are great. But she won't have the opportunity to share those values and utilize her talent if she doesn't polish things up a bit.

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