Saturday, July 03, 2010

Libertarian Runs For Iowa Senate

This is from the Libertarian Republican Blog, our mother publication. The Right Guy is still on vacation and will return shortly.

From Eric Dondero:

Christopher Peters, MD is the Libertarian candidate for Iowa State Senate - District 15. There is no Republican in the race.

Christopher contacted Libertarian Republican and provided us with the following information:
I am a thoracic and vascular surgeon, a small business owner, and most importantly, a husband and father of three sons. Like many Iowans, I am increasingly concerned about the size of government, resulting in the erosion of our liberties and the
jeopardization of our economic prosperity. I believe that most Iowans believe in the fundamental principles espoused in the founding documents of our nation and our state, and are frustrated that our political leaders and institutions have failed to live up to those ideals.

As a parent, I believe that the foundation of moral behavior begins not in the school, but in the home. Likewise, I believe that good governance does not begin in Washington, D.C., but in our state, our counties, and in our communities. We cannot look beyond our state borders for help in confronting the challenges we face within them. The principle of self government is plainly stated; that we should govern ourselves. Government is not the solution; we are the solution.

If we citizens of Iowa can reestablish our state government in accordance with the principles of our national and state constitutions, we can be assured of our inalienable rights to liberty and prosperity. Iowa can reform itself to better serve its citizens, to serve as a model for other state governments, and can enjoy sustainable economic growth in harmony with its resources.

I made the decision to enter the race for the Iowa State Senate in District 15 for one simple reason: to use my candidacy as an opportunity to raise issues related to the preservation of liberty and prosperity. Like many Iowans, I am concerned about the increasing size and scope of government, and the deleterious effects that growth has had, and will continue to have, resulting in the gradual erosion of our personal freedoms and economic well-being.
As always, if there is no Republican in the race, and a Libertarian is on the ballot, we here at Libertarian Republican strongly urge our fellow Republicans to Vote Libertarian! (Of course, we hope the Libertarian will "caucus" with the GOP once elected.)

Sidenote; the Iowa Libertarian Party holds three elected offices - Davenport City Council, Cedar Falls City Council, and Mayor of the Town of Roland.

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