Saturday, July 03, 2010

Washington Post covers LR's broadcast "Libertarian Politics Live" with Sharron Angle

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Neglects to link to the Show

From Eric Dondero:

Sheer idiocy. That's the only way to describe this brief hit piece by the Washington Post on Sharron Angle, as a result of our interview with her the other night on "Libertarian Politics Live."
In an interview with Hot Air's Ed Morrissey, Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle firmly denies being a "birther," a term used to describe those who believe that President Obama was not born in the United States. Morrissey reports:
Earlier today, I spoke exclusively to Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee to challenge Harry Reid for the Senate seat in Nevada. In the past few days, rumors have swirled that Angle is a crypto-Birther. I asked her "flat out" whether she believed Barack Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii, and she replied, "No. Is that flat-out enough for you?"
This is in stark contrast to remarks Angle made Thursday night in an interview on the radio show Libertarian Politics Live. During the interview, Angle was asked, point-blank, if she believed the president was "a legitimate president or a naturalized born citizen." Angle replied saying, "You know I think our Supreme Court has pretty much made that decision." An Angle spokesman denied that Angle was a birther or had ducked the question.
Angle's response also serves to rebut earlier reports that the endorsement of her campaign by the Declaration Alliance could serve as proof that she was among the birthers' ranks. A search for the endorsement on Angle's website turns up cached results but no active pages.
Talk about a stretch. Saying that she is a Birther because she didn't come right out immediately and say that she believes Obama was born in the U.S.

And sorry, we're not linking to this Washington Post article. WaPo did not bother to link to Libertarian Republican in their story, nor directly to our show on Blog Talk.

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