Monday, July 12, 2010

Follow The Money: Exxon-Mobil Wants to buy BP

From the department of conspiracies, the question arises, is the move by Exxon-Mobil to buy BP just a matter of fate of the circumstances or is there more to it?

Better put, has Obama's inaction been a favor for Exxon-Mobil, just incompetence, or as a favor to enviro-terrorists? May be all of the above? Remember the fall of TARP and the government's picking of winners and losers. Could this be the same? Who knows what goes on behind the scenes. Of course, Occam's razor would say that it's just plain incompetence. If that is true, then we have the most incompetent president extant. He's moved beyond Jimmy Carter or Andrew Johnson (or Millard Fillmore or Franklin Pierce) and establishes himself as the preeminent failure for that office.

More to come...

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