Monday, July 19, 2010

Time For A Break

It's time for The Right Guy to take a break. Like Nickie Goomba, I need a break from this. Too much time in for too little return and it's the same shit thrown against the same wall as everyone else. For what? At best a $10 check from adsense? Not a good return for capitalist and I don't even make that.

Anyway, see you in month or so or whenever I feel like it.

Thanks again for reading this blog and hopefully, if I come back, I will have renewed energy.


Susannah said...

RG! Take a much deserved break, rest up, read some good books (fiction, ya know, nothing to do w/ reality!), see some good movies (if there are any...), & come on back when you're ready. We need every conservative voice we can get this Fall.

How 'bout zip on over & leave a comment to the rest of us once you get up & running again...?

Go with God~

Christopher said...


The Right Guy said...

Well, may be I am following Mel's lead. :) I just spend too much time on the this crap and with 5 kids and a wife, it's too much. The other thing is a lot of folks that do this do it from work, or are self-employed. As it is, my employer hates that I even do this. I just need some time to spend in areas that need my attention. I'll be back and hopefully refreshed.

LandShark 5150 said...

RG -- I hear/feel ya. I'm in the same one oared boat chasing the tail end of yesterdays news.
Me boss man feels the same and being a large "PC" ass kissing corp, well me does it anyway. You gotta look at the bigger picture, you can only control your local PTA, city council, local offices and then with help the state. DC is gone its a beast that will die by the sword of starvation wielded by the states. Hell look at my blog, me post what me listens to. Hopefully more will listen with me.
I wish you a speedy mental heath recovery and love that only family can bring you. I'll throw a toast your way and stand your flank when called, my friend. Sharky

The Right Guy said...

Aye matey. Me works for a state ed agency, so you can imagine the politics there. As a Long Islander, I can be quite the pirate too. As far as DC goes, it's a denizen of ethical iniquity.

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