Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Took 86 Days?

In what must be a riches of embarrassment, BP finally fixed the leak after 86 days. That's almost 3 months for those of you from the east side.

I have to wonder what took so long. So say it was because the well was a mile under water, some say it was because no one at BP had the expertise to deal with this or that BP didn't even have a plan. Some will blame the government and Obama, some will just it's about time.

Considering we put a man on the moon, we've recovered artifacts from the Titanic over 2 miles down, we've sent satellites to Mars where one has been rolling across the surface for the last 5 to 6 years, there has to be a good reason why it took so long to fix this (where's Harry Stamper when you need him).

If I had to guess, it's incompetence. Incompetence on the part of BP, of the government, and just about everyone involved on the delivery side. The sad thing is that the people on the gulf coast are going to take this one in the ass. Not Obama, not the execs at BP, not any government employees. Even Bobby Jindal was a disappointment to some extent. He should have sent out the NG to ensure that his people could proceed with cleanup and abatement measure when the Mountebank's crew tried to stop them. It would have been first class political theatre and it would have shown balls, like in Arizona with SB1070. Brewer showed sand and it worked in her favor. Jindal acquiesced. He lost an opportunity.

What this did illustrate is that we cannot count on the feds for very much. In spite of Obama's agenda of socialism as the form of government for the US, it really doesn't work, especially with an inept leader. We've had failure after failure by dear leader and yet they push on, white knuckled, with even more fortitude. Nothing fails like repeated failure.

So now we wait for the next act of drama to arise in this news cycle called the gulf spill and what will be next?

Another opportunity for Obama to show how bad he really is.

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