Friday, July 09, 2010

Mad Mel: Beyond Bad Chromosomes

Mel has truly lost it. He lost his wife, now his paramour, his agent and now his agency. The guy is a control freak. He makes puritans look like the Anton Levey cult.

You know, he has to have been this nuts all his life. This is nothing new and I have to say I am a bit confused about his wife or should I say ex-wife Robin Moore: Was she a saint for putting up with this or an idiot? May be both. It seems his second round honey has it more together and is greasing his heels post haste.

I also want to qualify my particular point of view. I was a huge Mel Gibson fan at one time. Mad Max, Road Warrior, Lethal Weapon, Pay Back, Braveheart, and The Patriot. Even Signs was good. A family member in the business told me it's common knowledge and worse what Mel is about. All I can say is what a disappointment, but then Hollywood is filled with freaks, control freaks and outright nut jobs and other addicts. It's as if this is the place the truly demented go to work out their issues on screen and I guess off. I miss John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Charlton Heston. Now they were men among men.

Anyway, for those that aren't acquainted with the ravings of this particular madman, listen on:

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Teresa said...

I have heard that Mel has been wild for years. But now he's gone completely whacko. It seems like after he directed The Passion of the Christ (which is an excellent movie) he went off the deep end. His wife was a saint trying to save their marriage. But, it takes two to work at and save a marriage.

The Right Guy said...

Yes it takes two and it sounds like he has at least two to himself. :)

Chuck said...

He sounds like he's in a lot of pain. There's always 2 sides to every story. He wasn't the one looking to ruin somebody by taping intimate conversations and then distributing those conversations to mass media for the express purpose of causing immense damage.

I actually think the "raped by a pack of nwords" line is funny as shit. I have no truck with Mel Gibson, but I hate an orchestrated setup and that is exactly what this is. Someone taught that retarded tart how to do what she did. Her only purpose was to destroy someone who apparently loved her desperately.

This sort of shit is pure evil.Say what you want about Gibson, but no one deserves that kind of betrayal.

The Right Guy said...

He's been in pain a long time. He is an alcoholic and bipolar. Not a good combo. I aint' saying he ain't savable, but boy did he take the piss. I hope he reflects on this and comes to a better understanding. Yes it was funny in a bad way, but when you take a step back and exclude the fact of who he is etc, he sounds a little nuts. He can come back from this, but it's going to take a lot of work and PR just ain't going to cut it. So a man thinks in his heart, he is. I wish him the best of luck. Anyone that can make a movie like the Patriot has to have some possibility of redemption.

Kenneth Stevens said...

We now have as our President a man who sat for twenty years in the front pew of a radical church devoted to fanning the flames of black hatred against whites. Moreover, his Attorney General refuses to prosecute the New Black Panthers for their crimes, despite that terrorist group's avowed plans to "kill cracker babies.” In any healthy society that pair of creeps would be tarred and feathered, but in Post Modern America the chosen object of our Two Minute Hate is instead a troubled actor with a weakness for whiskey and women. How did this state of affairs come about?

Was Mel Gibson’s crime that he got into a drunken argument with a scheming whore intent on blackmail? This world being what it is, I know of many men who have been in all-too-similar situations, myself included. Does that make us deserving of universal opprobrium? One hopes that the bar has not been lowered so far as that.

No, his particular offense was that he spoke a word universally used by blacks to describe themselves. Were Mel Gibson himself black, the utterance would have hardly raised an eyebrow. At most it would have rated ninety seconds on one of those Hollywood gossip tabloid shows, sandwiched between seventeen-year-old Miley Cyrus’ latest pole dance and pixilated video of Lindsay Lohan’s shaved nether regions.

But because Mel Gibson used in private conversation a word taboo to white Americans, the Left has gleefully targeted him for destruction. And conservatives, who grow more cowed and gutless with each passing day, will no doubt let it happen without a murmur of protest, just as no one will stand up for them when their turn comes.

The Right Guy said...

You have your points, but Mel has has a history of this shit. It's not one incident, but this lady decided to one up him. His first wife probably just swallowed it. The other thing is, he allegedly hit his curent wife and knocked some teeth out while she was holding one of their kids. If he's drinking again and isn't taking meds for the BP disorder, he's going to be on a bad road and his judgement will be twisted. In Barry's case, well, Barry is pussy whipped and I don't think he's ever feigned being some religious type. Shit, he's also said he's muslim.

All that being said, Mel needs to straighten out and get it together. While he can get away with calling someone the N word, and it might be excusable to call her a whore, hitting a woman is inexcusable, even if she was nutty enough to egg him on. he should have walked away.

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