Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Conventional Script

Update: Al Gore now compares Obama to Lincoln. Will the charade ever end? Who is next? Thomas Jefferson, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ? Comparing Obama to Lincoln is like comparing an MGB and a Rolls Royce. All you can say is that both are from England.  

Just a short note: The current democrat convention is so scripted, patronizing and false, I have to wonder how stupid is the human race. Right now, Obama is channeling JFK and MLK. Heck, he may think he's the second coming of both men in one, and let me tell you, both had their issues, and some were the same issues. Obama makes his acceptance speech on the same day as Martin Luther King made the "I have a dream" speech. Also, he is making his acceptance speech in a stadium, just as JFK did, before 80,000 people. I have made analogies between Obama and JFK before, and now we have MLK. I believe Obama truly believes he can sneak this by the American people, by taking themes of past popular, honored, and respected people and weaving them into his own persona and existence. The problem is it shows no originality, and it shows a lack of character development. Who is the real Obama? I would posit even he doesn't want to know. The other side of the coin is that both men were terribly flawed. Both were serial philanders, whose public lives were not consistent with their private ones. That is something Obama does have in common with them. So after all the pomp and circumstance, have the American people taken this fairy tale to heart, or have they seen through this charlatan for what he really is, an unoriginal, cardboard cutout with elitist and marxist beliefs. Tell me what you think.

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