Friday, August 01, 2008

Lex Talionis or Rex Americanus: Guess who grew a pair?

John McCain, If you haven’t seen his videos, take a peek:

And the quote of the week:
, "Sen. Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a campaign."
Chuck Hagel was critical of McCain for the comment. Since when is telling the truth wrong? Of course Obama will feign turning the other cheek and taking the higher road. I call it the rope a dope. Obama will go negative after the convention, and closer to the election. At this point, I think the election is still Obama's to lose, but the question I have is, why isn't it a slam dunk? As much as people are disgruntled with the economy, with immigration, and the republican party, vis a vis the democrats dominating the house, why aren't they behind Obama more than the polls show? My guess is while they want something different, they don't trust him. Right now they are looking for leadership from the right, and it's up to McCain to pick up the gauntlet and do it. The question is, will he?

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