Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pale Rider or Dark Horse?

John McCain picked an outsider and an unknown for his running mate by selecting Sarah Palin. I don't know much about her, but on face value, she hits two or three notes right off the bat (Pro-life, Pro-gun, Reformist), which doesn't hurt her chances with folk like myself. That being said, she is running for just the VP spot, so how much does that matter? Also, I need to to know more about her before I can say this was a good or bad choice, so for now, I will abstain with commentary, but more will follow.

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Jeremy Savage - Tacoma, Wa said...

From what we have learned about her it feels like an outstanding choice. The only thing that can hurt her is her lack of experience... but Obama knows all about that.

In her short time in public service she has already gotten results in the "change" that Obama keeps talking about. He is talking about change whereas she has brought change.

She took on her own party to fight the political corruption. THAT is the kind of person we want around. Someone who isn't thinking about staying in power as long as possible, but someone who will do what is needed while they are there.

She is clear and firm in her stand on major issues. There is no guessing with her. She has a personal hand in matters like abortion, the war and fiscal responsibility.

She was faced with the choice of giving birth to a boy with down syndrome or aborting it. Her faith and convictions didn't even make it a question to her. She knew she was going to have that baby. That is personal experience with an abortion issue that too many women cling to.

The war. I did not mean to imply that she has foreign policy experience but she does have her oldest son currently serving in the US Army. You can bet that those issues will not be taken lightly with her. She has her own blood in that mix.

Fiscal responsibility. She is proven to cut taxes and has gone as far to tax profits on the big oil companies in Alaska. The previous Governor had purchased a jet plane for official travel. She sold it and put the millions back into the states coffers.

The woman is short on time served but has more results in that short time than most politicians could dream about.

She is not worried about her career, she is concerned with doing what is right (no pun intended).

I think that she was an outstanding choice.

Jim Lagnese said...

Hi Jeremy. You are right on all points. I get a good feeling from her and I'd like to know more. If what I see is true, this changes quite a bit for me. It really is a bold move on McCain's part to choose her, and I think it's going to be better than the naysayers on the right and left think it will be. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. BTW, my mom was born in Tacoma in 1922.

Jeremy Savage - Tacoma, Wa said...

I think Palin is the breath of fresh air that the Republican party has needed since President Ronald Reagan left office. I do not mean to compare her directly to President Reagan but she has many of the qualities of a "Reagan Conservative".

She hits a lot of chords right with me and I would be proud to have her as my Governor. Unfortunately, I reside in a predominantly blue state.


So, your mother left one coast for the other eh?

Jim Lagnese said...

Mom lived here:

I don't know the address, may be you know where houses like that were built in Tacoma.


I think she might be bolder than Reagan. Only time will tell.

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