Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Mexican Army, the Border Patrol and Idiots that bring knives to gun fights

I am late with this, but what the heck. Normally I have complaints, sometimes solutions, this time a little of both. Sunday, August 3rd, a US Border Patrol agent was held at gunpoint by Mexican soldiers on our side of the border. As outrageous as this sounds, it's happened over 40 times in the last year. The conventional wisdom out there says that the Mexican Army is working for drug lords and do these stunts to draw US Border Patrol Agents away from areas that smugglers are trafficking across the border. This is outrageous. One, we need to make the Mexican government understand from now on, we will defend our Border Patrol agents without regard to Mexico's sovereignty. If they do that stuff, we will chase them, and hunt them down like the dogs they are. We should also make it understood that we will terminate them, with extreme prejudice, if they train guns on our Border Patrol agents, particularly on our soil. They need to understand it will not end well for them. On our side, Border Patrol agents need to be armed better, trained better, and supported fully by their government. Where are the Texas Rangers when you need them?

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Spider63 said...

In case you forgot, a few years ago when the National Guard was patrolling the border for about a month, somebody got shot by the National Guard, and all hell broke loose.

This nation is so fucked up and corrupt that the backwards slide will never end until we are all speaking Chinese.

Jim Lagnese said...


First off, we will be speaking Spanish before we will be speaking Chinese. I believe the incident you are referring to involved the US Border Patrol, also know as the Ramos and Campion case. These two Border Patrol agents shot a drug smuggler they were chasing. Unfortunately, they tried to cover it up and each of them is serving hard time. The sad thing is the government went after them like they were Pablo Escobar, meanwhile the "victim" was trafficking drugs across the border during the trial, and the prosecutor knew about it, as they guy got busted, but it was never revealed at trial, but I digress. You don't need platoons of soldiers to remedy this. Just use a couple teams of snipers back from Iraq, with their Barrett .50 cal sniper rifles. As far as hell breaking loose, as I said, using Horn's Law, explain it to them, explain well, explain it nicely what will happen to them. Then if they continue doing the same thing, let them have it.

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