Monday, August 18, 2008

Vice President ?

The word is out that Obama will announce his VP Tuesday morning. So far, Bayh, Biden, Clinton, Kaine, Kerry and Nunn have been tossed around as possibilities. I am surprised someone hasn't thrown in The Swimmer from Massachusetts,  or the Vampiress herself, Bella Pelosi. I don't think Kerry or Clinton would want to play second fiddle, the former having run and failed for the presidency and the latter still vying for it. Make no mistake, Hillary still wants it. In fact, it would be a good idea for Obama not to have her as a running mate considering the long list of dead bodies behind the Clintons.  Whoever it is, I hope they are more entertaining than Barack "Stymie" Obama. After the Rick Warren Show, Bernie Mac would be an improvement over the purpose driven cardboard cutout. 

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Joshua said...

Check this:

Where art Thou Libertarian?

Jim Lagnese said...

Well, I would have hoped that Bob Barr would have gone to Rick Warren first and asked if he could be part of the the debate/town hall meeting. I didn't get any information one way or another. Also, since Rick Warren is the Pastor of a church and the event was at a church (a gray area of church and state?), I am not sure that taking him to court was the best idea and something that would be fruitful. I don't agree with the judge's logic though, as the logistics of adding more people really only involved time. It was kind of lame. As far as Bob Barr goes, the press isn't going to give him the time of day. They like having two parties, like the white hat and black hat. I will go into this on my next post, as well as explaining and delving into election issues.

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