Wednesday, August 13, 2008

They're Back! Calling all Cold Warriors

For those that have been sleeping or living on the east side, it may be news that the Cold War is well on it's way to coming back. Russia, under ex-KGB Vladimir Putin's leadership has been building up to this for years. Russia has become an energy powerhouse, and has not been bashful in nationalizing foreign oil companies, taking assets that do not belong to them. Russia has also aligned with every enemy of the United States. In particular, China and Iran. China has also proven to be a supporter of Iran, both countries supplying Iran with technology to build nuclear weapons and selling Iran conventional ones as well. Shades of 1956 and 1968, Russia invaded the Republic of Georgia, so far having an easy rout. Lines are being drawn. Who will be our cold warrior? Bush is on his way out, a lame duck,  and Obama's tendency to play the Chamberlain role worries me. McCain is out there calling a reevaluation of our relationship with Russia. It remains to be seen who would be best to handle this, and McCain may get the nod here as Obama is too naĆ®ve, facile, feckless to take on Russia, Putin or China. With things brewing in Iran, the US being strung out in Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia is going to start setting the tone and drawing the line in the sand. It's critical we set the tone where we stand and not back down at this point, but not to get drawn in to something and get over extended. 

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