Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As Europe Goes, Will Obama Follow?

With the latest spate of "gun" crimes in America and now almost commonplace in Europe, will Obama start a war on guns? We had a war on terrorism, then a war on the economy, and now I bet there will be a war on gun violence next. How will Barry rouse the masses? Will he unleash his lackey, Eric Holder to do his bidding?I think we just passed a high point with D.C. v Heller, and pretty soon we will be lucky if we can own Whitneyville Walkers.

While I bemoan the violence that has befallen the victims in these attacks, many times such events could have been prevented or lessened if law abiding people were armed. Obama, who sees opportunity in every crisis to implement his marxist agenda, will no doubt do the same here.

So, if it comes to pass, file it under "doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result." Albert Einstein called that crazy, but that is the mentality of most of Europe, and Obama.

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Michael Hawkins said...


Sorry to leave this comment on a random post, but it's simply convenient. You asked me what it is that John Lott is specifically being dishonest about. I have made several posts listing specifics, but he will not approve them or he edits them. See my blog and search "Lott" for my posts on the man.

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