Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Real IRA

Before I step on some toes, let me say for the record that I have both English and Irish ancestry. Deacon and Coyne respectively. The "Real IRA" killed two British soldiers last night. This really is a shame as Ireland has come a long way, particularly in the last 10 years. A great economy, a great people, and great ale may I add. Not satisfied with progress, some dolts decided to crank things up a few notches. As usual, the IRA can't hit the broad side of a barn with out shooting everyone else too. Four bystanders were wounded in the attack, and it isn't the first time. I recall many years ago some IRA winners got a hold of an M-60 machine gun and sawed through some houses killing children. Whatever the case, they are lousy shots and have no discipline. At this point it is time to let it go and move on. Get a life and leave the rest of us out of your petty argument with history.

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Anonymous said...

Great Pic... this is why I will always consider Irish and especially Irish Catholic "Americans" to be on the "wrong side of history." Ironically I'm taking that from Sean Hannity, I know. But he's just another East Coast bullshitter. Everywhere they go, they turn great cities into socialist hellholes.

Yeah, I've got Irish blood too... I've also got a liberal cousin and a queer uncle. Doesn't mean I have to honor that shit.

USA, UK and Israel stand alone.

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