Monday, March 09, 2009

The Right Guy Stimulus Plan: What I Would Do If I were the H*IC

The Right Guy Stimulus Plan
  1. Repeal of all federal taxes (thereby abolishing the IRS as we know it).
  2. Implement a national sales tax of 10-15%(on everything).
  3. Implement zero based budgeting.
  4. 20% across the board budge cut the first year, 10% each year there after for a total of four years. Eliminate some agencies.
  5. In regards to capital gains tax and inheritance tax, see 1.
  6. All bailouts cease. All institutions that took money from the government will pay it back at a prevailing rate. If they go under, we own the assets.
  7. Either Social Security must be scrapped or everyone contributes into it.
  8. A roll back of emission standards to 2006 standards for 4 years.
  9. No more corporate subsidies, no more individual subsidies. If you make gasoline, make gasoline, you don't need our help. The same for corn, soybean, milk or anything else.
  10. Repeal of the minimum wage.
  11. Repeal of the Wagner act.
  12. The creation of a national Right To Work law.
  13. Repeal of the CRA.
  14. Begin drilling for oil anywhere in the U.S. and its territories, like ANWR, and any coast.
  15. Overhaul of the Federal Reserve.
  16. Extend our domain from 12 miles to 50-200 miles where applicable for offshore limits. Enforce them as well.
  17. Sign free trade agreements with as many nations as possible. This means we can sell anything anywhere without restriction or tariff, and vis versa.
  18. Federal monies that go to states are directly proportional to their population and contribution (and therefore tax base). You can't get more than you put in.
  19. Nations where our troops are stationed: Germany, Korea, Iraq etc, will have to pay for our troops that are there. If they cannot pay in some way, we leave.
  20. Reduce foreign aid by 50%.
Thank you for reading this blog and vote for me. :)


Héctor said...

Hmmm... Maybe I'd vote for you. I like the flat-tax idea. as long as you provide good health care and quality education, I'm in.

The Right Guy said...

If it were only that easy...I'd rather see things go truly free market. Anytime you subsidize things, whether through credit, insurance or outright entitlements, the price goes up. When the market is only what people can afford, pricing goes down. On top of this, I would never want the government managing healthcare. It will turn the job of being a doctor into a glorified mechanic. The talented will stay away and do something else.

What I would like to see is insurance only cover catastrophic care. If you get hit by a car, get cancer, need a triple coronary bypass, you are covered 100%. If you need a shot/vaccination, physical, or don't feel well, you pay for the visit. It seems like the only way doctors can be profitable anymore is to form corporations with 3-6 other doctors and they take on an inordinate amount of patients. It is so bad that I can't get an appointment for at least 4 months in advance, and in some cases a year.

Socialized medicine will be worse. After a certain age, you will be looked upon as a drag on the system and if you need life saving surgery, you will be put on a waiting list if you get it at all. In england, 70% of the people have secondary private insurance so they can get direct healthcare if they need it. That is in the wrong direction. I will never pitch to bring the top down to suit the lowest common denominator, but rather raise the tide to bring all boats up.

Currently, no one can be refused medical treatment in this country. medicaid pays for people on public assistance. What I would like to see is the federal government partner with states to share major medical/catastrophic care costs. 50/50. To get illegal immigrants and poor out of the emergency rooms for things like colds and stuff normally handled by a private doctor, I would like to see underserved communities sponsor people that want to go to medical school with the obligation to serve in a neighborhood clinic for 5-6 years after they finish residency. All the money that Jesse Jackson extorts with his rainbow coalition could pay for this. Ditto for Reverend Al Sharpton. They should put their money with their mouths are.

Héctor said...

Sounds like a good plan. You could try something similar to what Mexican Doctors do as Social Service. In order to get their degree, they have to spend half a year (or a full year, I'm not sure) in a clinic. They can be sent to a poor town near the city, or to a poor sub-urban area. It's somewhat succesful. But I'm not sure if it should be mandatory...

Héctor said...

About education,
I think the state could provide a good free/very cheap education. As long as private education is allowed, I don't see a problem.
After all, socialist and welfare countries (USSR, Cuba, Europe) have very good education.

The Right Guy said...

The problem with education is that if a kid isn't learning well and it is not addressed correctly, the can just gets kicked down the road. In other words, no one deals with it and they keep pushing the kid along until he or she is out of the system. THen they want to go to college, and now we have remedial classes in college. One, not everyone should go to college. We do not do enough in the areas of vocational education and skilled trades. Two, school has become too broad too early. My kids are taking classes for a couple months in subjects that are really electives meant for when you have the basic down, which they do not. THey don't teach anything in real depth and I am surprised at what kids do not know. While it keeps up the illusion that they think I am smart, I'd rather they show how smart they are. The solution is to try to get them in advanced classes which are smaller and more serious. Lastly, schools do not teach to different learning styles and because of that students are at the limitations of the teacher.

As to your idea with clinics, 6 months is a short amount of time. I like the idea of recruiting for a longer period of time with he proviso that they get their education paid for. Both sides benefit without regret. You could do the same thing with lawyers, dentists etc. As long as both parties agree, it's ok with me.

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