Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chuck Grassley Is At It Again

Chuck Grassley, from now on known as The Chuckster, is at it again. He wants the bankers at AIG to commit seppuku, and at the very least bow deeply in apology before doing so. Where have we heard that before? Of course The Chuckster must be deeply honored for winning the IotW award, and is now shooting for the IotY award or at least a nomination. Chuck, I don't know what planet you come from. I really don't. You monkeys in congress invented this problem, you made it worse by passing TARP, you feckless pezzo di merda, and now you want the bankers to either kill themselves or apologize like a japanese executive would? You are out of touch. May be you would like to lead by example? The only people on the good ship lollipop that are more delusional than you are Chris Dodd and Barny Frank. I should throw in the vampiress Bella Pelosi. I guess it could be worse. We could have two senator Harkins here in Iowa, or may be Governor Mike Gronstal has designs on your job, but bud, you need to go. You still haven't made a case for TARP, or ARRA, and you certainly haven't acquitted yourself well, Mr. Earmark. Being a senator requires more than bringing home the bacon at any cost.

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