Sunday, March 15, 2009

Religious Tolerance in Britain: It doesn't exist

The Reverend Noble Samuel was attacked by muslims in his car while he was driving to his TV show. The men pulled in front of him to ask directions and proceeded to hit him and call him names. Not satisfied with that, they ripped off his cross, stole his laptop and warned if he went on with his show, they would break his legs. Where is the outrage Mr. Brown and Mr. Johnson? Reverend Samuel is of Pakistani origin, and came to britain 15 years ago, I would imagine because of religious freedom. Religious freedom no longer exists in Britain. See Pat Condell's video below.

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H├ęctor said...

WTF? Brit government didn't do anything?
Well, I would expect that ALL religions are tolerated.

The Right Guy said...

They don't do too much about anything anymore when it comes to muslims and other special interests stepping out of line. They wouldn't let Geert Wilders in the country.

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