Saturday, September 05, 2009

Is the President Really a Fascist, Socialist or Marxist?

The president has been called many things in the past year, including fascist, nazi, marxist, and socialist. After reading Pat Buchanan this week, I learned he is a Fabian Socialist. What is a Fabian Socialist you ask? A Fabian Socialist is someone that subscribes to the tenets of the Fabian Society.

You may ask, what's the difference, a socialist is a socialist? According to that great font of information, Wikipedia, "The Fabian Society is a British intellectual socialist movement, whose purpose is to advance the principles of social democracy via gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary means." So Alinsky and Obama are Fabian while Ayers was revolutionary, but I think he saw the err of his ways.

While this is a granular difference, some may say, the end game for them is the same as for other socialists. I'll say not so fast and I will tell you why. In the game of politics, compromise is seen as a great virtue. In fact, being pragmatic is a way of life for most politicians, but is also says something about the variable moral compass and the lack of ethics many of them seem to cherish. Fabian Socialists take advantage of an opponents compromising nature and move towards socialism incrementally, rather than through revolutionary means.

Some of my compatriots at a blog I won't mention seem to believe that bipartisanship of the independents and others that do not align themselves with either party will somehow bring us closer to returning our country to values of liberty and stopping socialism in it's tracks. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Remember that we have Barry O in the White House until 2012. Even if we were to change the demographics of the senate and house by electing a lot of independents, you can be sure both established parties will be working to destroy an independent movement and would cut off their nose to spite there face by siding with Obama. They love power more than you or I, trust me. We already see the GOP getting weak in the knees in regards to Obamacare after his messiahness said he'd withdraw the public option. These idiots in congress don't get it, as they want to give the government more power and therefore themselves and their lackeys regardless of what their constituents want. You can also bet the Rush and Hannity will be carrying water on this as well, no matter what they say now. Can you imagine if the GOP gets booted out as well?

Don't misunderstand me, I would love to see a new party emerge out of this monopoly of corruption we now have. Neither party will do anything to return the power to the rightful owner, us, and it is nigh time we take it back. My warning to you is to make sure that you know what we are dealing with: a socialist that will bide his time and do things incrementally, whether through the congress, or executive order to promulgate and propagate his socialist and progressivist agenda. Any bipartisanship or compromise at this point is a win for Barry O.

And to the point of a new political party, I would also tell you that you cannot be everything to all people. While being a compartmentalized snake oil salesmen and fairy-tale raconteur has been the de rigueur of political success in the last 70-100 years, it's about time we have a party that has first principles and stands by them through thick or thin. Any candidate that does not believe them or wish to follow them is out. A tent too big ceases to be a tent at all. I'll be happy to go over first principles at a later time.

So, the question is, what is Obama, A fascist, socialist or marxist? The answer may be that he is a particular type of socialist, but it really doesn't matter. He is the enemy of freedom, of liberty and natural rights, and we have but a short time to put a halt to his policies which serve to enslave us, bankrupt us, and demoralize us.

Freedom first, freedom last my friends.

Thank you for reading this blog.


Teresa said...

Great Post!! I have always told people that conservatives must not ever compromise with progressives because that is exactly what they want. We cannot let these progressives gain control in this fashion. They must be stopped. I agree That having a 3rd party is not a viable option. I believe that it in fact would split conservatives up, pin conservatives against one another, and we would be more fratured than ever before. And, that is exactly what the progressives want. I believe we need to rebuild the Republican party from within.

Blog Stalker said...

Well said and i echo your sentiments. Both parties have failed us. WE need to take back this country......but are there enough of
US? i wonder, but will fight as if there are and hope it is not in vain.

The Right Guy said...

Well Teresa, I am not sure the GOP can survive in it's current state or any state. What I would like to see is the conservatives and libertarians for their own party that would eventually replace the GOP. The GOP doesn't want to be rebuilt from within. If they did, they wouldn't have put Michael Steele in charge. They like their power, what is left of it, more than they like the truth.

George Brights said...

Why do so many people in the US baulk at the word "socialism"? It is as if Mcarthy still has an influence on you. You can't just take something like the healthcare sysytem Obama is trying to impliment, call it socialism, and expect everyone to be terrified. The reason you are fighting an uphill batlle is because you don't truly understand the conflict you are in. To use the healthcare system as an example, all that will be happening is you will pay your taxes, and those taxes will go towards hospitalization for anyone in your country who needs it. You already pay for things such as roads for everyone and schools for everyone so why is this any different to you? Some of the people in your country are too poor to be able to pay for the healthcare they need such as treatments for cancer, and you would deny them that because you don't want to chip in? If you believe everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness then you should also believe that we must help one another. Those with more of an advantage also have more of a responsibility to those who cannot help themselves.
Socialism is a system which believe in treating people as a society rather than just individuals. The general socialist idea is to spread the wealth perfectly evenly. It does not tend to work in real world situations as people lose their motivation. Obama is not a socialist because that is the pillar of socialism. He is trying to give you the same healthcare as Canada, France, and many other countries. Their healthcare systems are well loved by their people, the rich and the poor alike.
Please try to think more open mindedly. Being conservative can lead to resistance to change, it is literally what the name Conservative means. Belief in tradition can be powerful and healthy, but it can also be problematic and hindering progress. Do not reject an idea simply because it is a different idea.How would we ever improve if we emphatically believed we were already as good as it gets? There is a lot which needs improving, but you have to make room for it.

The Right Guy said...

Farm animals love the treatment they get. People of Europe are puerile farm animals that seem to need to be taken care of and don't mind indentured servitude. Americans are different. We realize the risks life entails and take responsibility for ourselves. We don't want to be farm animals.

As far as socialist goes, fabian socialist is as socialist does. And if healthcare in the UK and canada is so good, explain why the premier of Newfoundland came to the US for surgery and why healthcare in the UK really, really sucks?

As far as roads go, they are in the public interest and the interstate system was created so the military could move assets quickly. Having someone pay your bills isn't a natural right, not a right at all. Also, it's cheaper to pay what we are paying now than to have a socialized government controlled healthcare that will enslave us all and make all of us poorer. It's throwing us over the cliff for a small percentage of the population. Put it simply, you are a fool.

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