Sunday, September 06, 2009

Obamacare: virtue of the needy, death to the unborn

Bishop Harry Jackson lays out his case that obamacare is reverse classism and that abortion, which would is funded by the government, affects blacks disproportionately and that people, through taxation and tithe would be supporting abortion under Obama's plan, even if they are against abortion. This man is a different kind of Reverend Jackson, and one I would support.

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A Concerned American said...

After Glenn Beck exposed that Commie Son of a Bitch, I found this on a Liberia Blog.
Read it carefully to see the lunacy.
"Because the deluded fools will always be among us, it is only natural that the unscrupulous would learn to exploit them to their own selfish ends.
Although this has been going on a long time with defacto Republican Party leader, Rush Limbaugh, the effort to control the minds of the deluded fools is at it's most active ever with creeps like Glenn Beck pushing their message of hate on the deluded hoards.
After listening to the brainwashing bullshit spewed by the Becks and Limbaughs and Professor Donald Douglases, the deluded then begin repeating the same nonsense about pinkos and socialism to whomever happens to be unfortunate enough to be near them. The poor deluded fools believe they are speaking intelligently and pretend to be informed when in fact, they are only repeating what their subliminal masters have programmed them to think and say.
These poor deluded, brainwashed fools seek each other out so they can congratulate one another on how good they call progressive thinking, informed, intelligent, caring Americans like yours truly, "commie, pinko liberals."

Eventually, right wing media brainwashes these poor deluded fools into attending a large gathering of fellow deluded right wing fools. They call these events "Tea Parties."

The Right Guy said...

And your point? People can turn off Limbaugh or Beck, they can't turn off Obama until 2012 or the congress until 2010. The problem Obama has is that one, he mistook his winning the election as a mandate for his Fabian Socialist ideals, two, if more people agree with beck than him, he has a real problem. It's not about indoctrination or brainwashing with Beck and Limbaugh, but the recognition of how people really feel. Obama getting elected was a repudiation of Bush, not the validation of marxist and Fabian ideals. Obama loses that fight, at lest without using the government to crush us.

Nickie Goomba said...

I'm stopping by to thank you for your series of comments over at my place. It's refreshing when a spirited and intelligent voice adds to the experience of philosophical and political discussion.

You seem to fit in well with the mob over there. Thanks so much for visiting and please don't be a stranger.

The Right Guy said...

Thanks for the compliments Nickie. I'll be visiting when I can.

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