Monday, September 07, 2009

Broward County Schools Superintendent Enforces Indoctrination

The coward From Broward is bullying students into watching Obama's brainwashing speech.

Students in Broward County Florida Schools cannot opt out of Obama's speech. James F. Notter, The winner of this week's Idiot of the Week Award, says that students will be punished if they do not go to school the day of the speech. This is contrary to the US Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan says the speech isn't mandatory Obviously, Notter didn't get the memo in his daily talking points.

World to Notter: You are out of your mind. What's next, re-education camps if we disagree? I know people that actually have been through them. I am sure you'd like to run one yourself.

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blackandgoldfan said...

I was told that my school district here in PA is taping the speech, and teachers will then be able to use it as a part of the curriculum if they so choose. If they do that, the parents can't opt out and there is no advance notification required. THAT'S how they're skirting any parental backlash. Bastards.

I've already put the teachers on notice that my kids will take a zero on the material before I let them watch one second of that speech in school. If I want them to see it, I tape it myself and they'll watch it at home. Fat chance of THAT happening!!!

The Right Guy said...

My kids have off tomorrow. Something about having to do metrics for no child left behind... It'll be interesting to see what Obamao has to say on this video. It'll either make us look foolish or feed the frenzy.

Teresa said...

James F. Notter is taking away both the childrens' and Parents liberty and freedom. He is userping his being a teacher over the parents obligation, and responsiblility to raise their kids as they see fit. And, that includes the parents choosing to allow their kids to hear Obama's speech, or not. That is unconscionable. I don't have kids, but if I did, we wouldn't be sending them to school for the speech regardless of what the douchebag said.

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