Thursday, December 03, 2009

From the Left Coast Rebel: The Hacked Email List

The Left Coast Rebel has a post on a website that has all the hacked emails from East Anglia that exposed the global warming hoax. Thanks to LCR for linking me and...

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Ran said...

Um, "Hello" from LCR - something like that.

This is scary stuff. Hundreds of billions of dollars in play over what these jackasses had reported, with untold trillions in the works. Whole economies up for grabs.

It's far beyond anything I've seen in fiction.

Cheers... the end is just beginning. Grab the popcorn, man.

The Right Guy said...

Hey Ran. With Copenhagen, Cap and Tax and tighter emissions, we are in for it. I don't think these charlatans will let up, even if we show the man behind the curtain. Too much power and money is at stake. On the other hand, we shouldn't let up. Freedom is at stake, which is more important than their power and self-importance.

Bungalow Bill said...

LCR is a good guy.

The Right Guy said...

Yes he is. I think all of us here are.

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