Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hero of the Day: Jasper Schuringa

Hero of the Day and honorary libertarian republican

Jasper Schuringa was the man of the hour, savior of the people on Northwest flight 253 as he took action and manhandled the terrorist that attempted to blowup the plane. Geert Wilders has proposed a national honor for Mr. Schuringa in his native homeland of Holland.

From the Libertarian Republican:

Shortly before landing passengers smelled smoke, they saw a glow and they heard something that sounded like firecrackers went off. "First there was a sort of bang and then there was smoke," said Dutchman Peter Smith.

Schuringa told CNN that he heard a bang. "Somebody started yelling fire, fire!" Then he saw smoke and he noted that the Nigerian did not move. Then he began to suspect that something was not right. He jumped over the passenger next to him and hurried to the Nigerian.

They appeared to have his pants open and a burning object between his legs to keep. "I took that thing off him, tried to extinguish fire with my hands and threw it away." Schuringa the Nigerian pulled from his place, and dragged him to the front of the plane. The Nigerian seemed stunned. "He stared into nothing."

Mr. Wilders, give that man a medal.

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Bungalow Bill said...

Proving when government fails, you can count on the will of the people.

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