Thursday, December 03, 2009

Picking up the mantle of a murderer

As much as this photo shows a caring doctor in medical setting, it is purely for effect from the New York Times, trying to show this murderer as some sort of caring saint.

Dr. Carhart sees the need for late term abortions, and will perform them in the absence of his friend Dr. George R. Tiller.

As someone that was born 12 weeks premature, as a rationalist and as a christian,  I find it repulsive that someone would want to kill a baby that obviously could live on his/her own. I find it repulsive that anyone would want to kill any baby. This guy is no saint and a few of his employees quit when they found out the nature of the expansion of his practice. While I don't prescribe the fate Dr Tiller got to Dr. Carhart, I do believe abortion should be against the law. No matter what, Dr. Carhart will face the same cosmic justice Dr. Tiller faced at his final exam, and nothing we can do on this earth matches god's justice.

This is one more example of the out of touch mentality that the left promulgates, even in the evidence that they are not only wrong, but that they are out of step with the majority of Americans. These members of the government sponsored media are fomenting their positions through the government, with Obama at the helm. Think I am wrong? Read this.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Mr. Obama's Epitaph:


Ran said...

RG... Disturbing, but thanks anyway. I'll just give thanks for my kids as God sent 'em.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Disgusting. My wife showed me an email from a friend that pointed to Obama's past in the Illinois legislature. Obama is so pro-abortion that he voted in Illinois as a state lawmaker to block a ban on full term abortions....babies that were left to die in a room after birth. Check the facts on it. Can you imagine what this man is capable of, knowing this?

The Right Guy said...

Yeah, I remember reading about that. Obama isn't choice, he's pro-abortion. Remember, it's above his pay grade. Obviously he was lying. He'd love to make it available without restriction.

Children ara a blessing from god. To refuse this blessing, to destroy it to reject a gift from god. It is the result of a society that distances itself from god's love. Anyone that sees their own come into this world knows this. If they don't, there's something wrong with them.

chuck said...

But what about a woman's right to choose? hire someone to kill a child.

The right to kill is right there in the Constamatooshin Article K section BR549. I know because they told me so on television. Y'know, where the smart people live.

The Right Guy said...

That reminds me of Mark Knopfler's song, Its true because I heard it on TV.

blackandgoldfan said...

This guy and Tiller probably attended the same medical school as Josef Mengele. This just makes me nauseous.

The Right Guy said...

And what of Obama? He's a true believer. These people are mentally ill. THey have to go through some mental gymnastics to justify it.

Anonymous said...

Why are abortionist and morticians always so creepy looking?

The Right Guy said...

Creepy jobs draw creepy people.

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