Sunday, December 20, 2009

What David Mastio and The Des Moines Register Do Not Understand

In an article Cash for Quitters in the Des Moines Register, David Mastio equates supporting Palin in any way (this includes buying her book), as counter productive to the GOP cause. As I said in yesterday's piece They are doing it again: I told you so, the GOP is afraid of the Tea Party movement, 912ers and Sarah Palin. They are afraid of change, just as the Whigs were afraid of abolition. I would ask David, why keep supporting the same old RINO do what they want party elite republicans? We elect these right wing mountebanks or vote for them, even when they are less than in 70% agreement, sometimes less than 50%. Why? Because they are under the GOP flag? Can we say Scozzafava? Einstein said doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results is insanity. Voting and supporting the same old GOP is insane.

While I am not a big Palin supporter, as you could see in in my post What Worries me part 2, I find it self-serving of GOP waterboys to shovel the drivel David Mastio did, particularly without a battle plan. Right now, I don't see anyone on the GOP side that is worthy to be president. A big mistake was made in supporting McCain, as it was the same old it's my turn BS. The GOP has moved left in response to the dems moving further left. This is a mistake. There are plenty people on the right left out in the cold by this and that is why the Tea Party and 912ers formed. We are both sick of the socialistic expansion of government by both parties and sick of what would be our party, the GOP, further alienate us with picks like Scozzafava, and support of platforms not in line with what we believe. There is a price to pay for that, and ignoring the Tea Party Right is a big mistake and it will come home to roost if the GOP leadership continue to ignore them.

i can't speak for Mastio's motivations other than he is a waterboy of the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh. As far as the Des Moines Register is concerned, they are like the old Pravda and would like nothing more than to support watered down RINO candidates (Can we say McCain and Branstad?) that would either lose to their more strongly supported Democrat candidates or if they won, they wouldn't be a threat to what the editorial staff at the DM register believe and promulgate in their rag.

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Dave Mastio said...

I don't get why backing Palin advances the conservative cause within the GOP. Why not back strong conservatives who don't quit when they are under attack?

The Right Guy said...

Like I said in the article, I am not a Palinista. I think she needs 10 years of study and work and she'll be something else. What pisses me off is throwing money and effort down the same hidey hole in the ground and expecting different. I don't think Palin is the president we need, but she could represent the disaffected voters that are tired of the same old machine. Unless the GOP really understands this, they will go the way of the Whigs.

From everything I have heard and read, the GOP leadership in my current state is both afraid and eschews people associated with the Tea PArty movement and those that want change. Just as the GOP nodded to the socons in 2000 and then left them by the side of the road, I fear the GOP will do the same with the libertarian side of the party come next year. The republicans have screwed up every chance they have had in the last 9 years and from point of view, they don't get it. They like their seat at the table and being in the DC elite means more that morals, ethics, values or platform. What the GOP needs to understand is that they have one shot at this. If they screw up after 2010, they are done and may be they should be.

David: I appreciate you taking the time out to respond to my post. Thank you. If the party would give me better candidates than McCain or Scozzafava types, i might be on your side. Mr. Potato Head doesn't seem to get that.

The Right Guy said...

One more thing David to distill this: Basically I am saying if Palin succeeds in rallying the Tea Party and Conservatives of the GOP, it's because there is a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum, so does politics, and even business.

Dave Mastio said...

I certainly agree with you about the GOP screwing up at every opportunity for the last nine years. It would be nice if I could think of a leader who could fix that, but I am coming up empty. I hope one emerges and the tea party folk get behind him.

The Right Guy said...

Thanks again David for stopping by. I hope we can find someone suitable to lead the party. Keep up the fight.

Susannah said...

I went to a Tea Party. I consider myself a hard core 'tea-party-er,' but I'll admit I'm a little wary of the 3rd party thing. Remember Ross Perot? He's the reason Clinton ever set foot in the WH.

I think Sarah Palin is GREAT, but I'm afraid she's too polarizing right now. Maybe, as you said, after she has had lots of road under her feet...?

McCain? Good heavens! What a dirge compared to the guy he ran against! It was over until Sarah P. stepped in. And then the likes of Scozzafava -- speaking of -- Newt Gingrich's endorsement of her is EXACTLY what you're talking about re: GOP elites & how they don't get it. I say this, and I really like Newt...

They'd better wake up - and soon, b/c the natives are getting restless.

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