Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soupy Sales: RIP

Soupy was a fixture on TV and radio in the sixties and anyone from that era would remember the Soupy Sales Show and Lunch with Soupy. Godspeed Soupy.

I wonder if Joe is a long lost child. May be he can fill in for Soupy and do a retro show. Joe is sure goofy enough.

While I am on the comparison kick....

What do you think of Michael Steele and Mr. Potato Head? The resemblance is uncanny.

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LL said...

Poor old Slow Joe Biden is certainly as wacky as Soupy Sales - but he (Biden) has no sense of humor. Soupy had enough of a sense of humor to laugh at his own jokes.

But seriously, should Biden be placed in an assisted living center, medicated and "treated" until his term of office expires? It's a legitimate question.

Samantha K said...

Have you noticed how much Soupy Sales looks like Gerard Butler?

The Right Guy said...

There are plenty of them in India, and it's a discount compared to the US.

@Samantha K:
I never noticed, but I don't know Gerard Butlers work all that well.

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