Monday, March 01, 2010

Capitalist or Parasite? Warren Buffet Promotes Government Healthcare

Warren Buffet believes that healthcare is a drain on businesses and should be shouldered by the federal government. This is the same man that favors higher taxes, particularly estate taxes. Buffet has benefited from higher estate taxes by scooping up privately/family owned enterprises that have disproportionate tax burdens after the owner died. He's made a lot of money this way.

If Warren was a true capitalist, he would be for free market answers to who is going to pay citizens medical bills. By being for government healthcare, he has demonstrated he is not a capitalist, but a corporatist parasite and opportunist that looks to his own bottom line, not as a rational self-interest, but as a Jim Taggart type of businessman. He has more in common with George Soros than he does with Milton Friedman that is for sure. I find his "advice" disingenuous and and transparently self-serving. If this is the example of what American capitalism is, or has become, then we've gone down the wrong road.

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Chuck said...

"He has more in common with George Soros than he does with Milton Friedman that is for sure."

He and Soros are different. Soros lives to destroy what others have built. Buffet buys what people have managed to ruin on their own.

That said, he's not a "capitalist" whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. He's just a guy with a business model.

The Right Guy said...

I don't see how dropping dead is fucking up. If the government got rid of the estate tax, permanently, this kind of thing wouldn't happen. Screw Soros and Buffet.

Chuck said...

I was referring to buying value versus attacking currency.

Buffet and Soros being for this or that estate tax doesn't really say anything about what they each do for a living.

The Right Guy said...

Fine, they are both businessmen and assholes. Thanks for calling in, but I wish you had stayed on, I was going to switch to you and you were gone.

Chuck said...

Sorry about that. I had some distractions going on. Sick wife and unruly kids. Perfect timing.

The Right Guy said...

No problem. I put you on mute, so it wouldn't matter much. I just wish you could have hung on. In the future, I am exploring offering a toll free number.

Chuck said...

Again, I apologize. It was a very unique concurrence of events. My wife is still in bed and the kids have been snowed out of school for two days, so they have been stir-crazy. Perfect timing.

I still want to listen to the rest of it when I get a chance to sit still that long.

The Right Guy said...

I understand totally. It's amazing I get to do it. Normally I go out in the car, use the bluetooth in the car for the phone and bring my laptop. Last night my wife had the car so I had to use the crappy wireless phone and hide somewhere in the house and tell the kids to leave me alone under penalty of Jim.

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