Monday, March 15, 2010

Jonathan Narcisse For Governor

Jonathan Narcisse is running as an independent and I would say libertarian candidate for governor of Iowa. Anyone that has heard Jonathan talk on the Steve Deace Show, knows that there is no middle of the ground with Jon: Either you are impressed by him or afraid of him. I happen to be impressed.

Right now we have three major party candidates running for governor in Iowa: Chet "Jethro Bodine" Culver, the incumbent, Terry "I want to be the new FDR" Branstad, and Bob Vanderplatts. Culver is as clueless as a blind man crossing Broadway and 53rd without a dog and a walking stick. Brandstad has been elected governor four times, and while he says he's a republican, he hasn't always acted like one (can you say appoint judges that make law not interpret it?), and honestly, isn't four terms enough? I like Bob Vander Platts, But his base is mostly socons, who think he's the second coming. This scares the bejesus out of the middle of the road crowd.

Back to Jon. He's more libertarian than any GOP candidate mentioned here. Strong on the second amendment, wants a frugal and small government, and best of all, he's not afraid to call it as he sees it. May be this is his biggest liability, at least from a political prospective as most politicians are afraid to take a stand and discuss the his he would die on. That to me is refreshing. When was the last time you voted for someone that actually stood for something, something controversial, and wasn't afraid to say so? I can't recall. To boil it down, I think Jon understands that real change requires challenging the status quo and not being afraid of turmoil, disagreement, and pushing when most people want to quit. Being passive-agressive and backstabbing won't get the job done. Jon and I share a love for Frederick Douglass, one of the greatest civil rights leaders in American History and here's a quote that I think sums up Jon:

The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of earnest struggle. If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters
-Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)

Jon is the gadfly of change that Iowa needs. I would encourage everyone to go to his website, and if you agree with his platform, support him and he need any and all help he can get.
Jon's Platform in a nutshell:

The Four Pillars of his Campaign

World Class Plus Educational System
Low Tax, Free Market, Prosperous Economy
Small, Accountable, Efficient, Transparent State Government
Leading by Example a Healthy Lifestyle to Fight the Obesity Epidemic
I am strongly committed to:

Revive small, accountable and transparent governance
Create a tax code that doesn’t punish success, excellence, and hard work, or reward corporate welfare barons
Restore a free market economy replacing our no-growth prison-casino-corporate welfare based economy
Return our education system to the best in the world
Protect local control, private property and constitutional rights like the right to be armed
Promote a truly healthy Iowa and replace recidivism-based justice system with a restitution system

I would also like to invite all my readers to stream Libertarian Politics Live tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 16 at 8PM. Jonathan will be featured for an hour. You are invited to call in. Phone number is: (646) 915-9887

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Brandon said...

I've been keeping on eye on Narcisse. Also, as far as the GOP is concerned, Rod Roberts is looking like the best of the bunch over Branstad and Van Der Plaats as far as platform is concerned.

The Right Guy said...

I heard Rod Roberts on the radio. Sounds good to me too. It's interesting how the smaller less know people seem to be better candidates. It's about getting the gelt and then getting the world out. Or is it the other way around? Without gelt, it ain't happening.

Bungalow Bill said...

Thanks for finding a good candidate in Iowa. Geez, I don't know what the heartland thinks sometime. I have no clue how come so many liberals wound up there.

The Right Guy said...

A lot of them came from California and New York I imagine. Remember, we have the University of Iowa, ISU. Professors are liberal for the most part. Even so, when you look at Hoover, who came from Iowa and especially Wallace, they were liberal. May be it's more about the homogeneity of Iowa. It's the least diverse place I have ever lived. Things are changing though.

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