Monday, March 15, 2010

New Tea Party Member: Ginny Thomas

Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the newest member of the Tea Party. According to Fox News, "The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon with the launch of a new conservative lobbying group and plans to attend some high-profile Tea Party rallies in the coming weeks."
This is big news, as we really do not hear about spouses of supreme court justices let alone the justices themselves take such a public stand. Many on the left will probably poke fun at her and possibly deride her as they have Sarah Palin. Hell hath no fury against a conservative women like a NAG journalist. Fox News Continues:
Ginni Thomas founded the Virginia-based nonprofit Liberty Central back in January. Amy Feather, the group's director of business development and marketing, told that "the hope" is that Thomas will make an appearance at a Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

That event, dubbed the "The People's Surge Against Obamacare 2.0," is expected to draw about 2,000 people. Tea Party leaders and other activists are planning to converge on Washington, flood congressional offices and press their representatives to vote against the health care reform bill.

I don't know what impact Mrs. Thomas will have, but I think it will be a positive one. As they say, a dog doesn't chase a parked car.

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Bungalow Bill said...

This is one high-profile person I say welcome to. Judge Thomas writes the most beautiful Constitutional solid opinions on the Court.

The Right Guy said...

In some ways it's more exciting than Palin. It's nice to see people step forward.

Teresa said...

It is pleasant to hear that Ginny Thomas has founded an organization that supports the Tea Party movement. The Left is calling this a conflict of interest. But, has anyone forced the spouses who are judges or lobbyists of Democratic congressman or governors to resign?

BTW-Thanks for mentioning Kevin's article last night.

NoTeaForAmerica said...

I wonder what you Right-Wing types would say of the most liberal supreme court judge's spouse was working for a far left organization?
I know exactly what you would say! You would be frothing and foaming at your mouths, marching on Washington and holding shrill and hysterical rallies calling for impeachments and accusing the judges of activism.
I can't think of a greater hypocrisy in the history of America, than the hypocrisy so openly displayed by the entire extremist right-wing movement on a daily basis. You disgust me. Every one of you. There is not a shred of american in any single one of you bigoted self-serving smallminded double-standarded mental midgets.
God Bless America.

The Right Guy said...

No Tea:
You are talking to yourself. I am not a GOP blog. Classical liberal here. Whatever axe you have to grind, go somewhere else. You haven't done anything than spew bullshit yourself. It's funny how the left wears as a badge of honor the protests of the 60's, yet when the shoe in on the other foot, they've become nice authoritarian pro-government conservatives. Enjoy it.

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